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Three colors represent a big secret – disease exhaust color Sohu automobile Sohu [distance headlamp] for petrol vehicles and most diesel cars, color exhaust under normal circumstances should be colorless, but with the increase of our old car, probably one day suddenly began to take on the color of tail gas. Exhaust area is a kind of general color is not normal, today we have to talk about the different emission colors represent what disease of your car? How should an antidote against the disease? The composition of automobile exhaust is very complex, containing about 150-200 kinds of compounds, but most of these compounds are not color, a small amount of color of the material is also very low because of the content can not be identified by the naked eye. Under normal circumstances, the automobile exhaust should be colorless. To say with the color of the tail gas, the most common color is white, but if the exhaust of the exhaust pipe is white does not mean that your car will be out of the question, the score is. In the winter, almost all cars can be discharged from the white gas, this is because water vapor containing vehicle exhaust gas, water vapor encountered outside the cold air will be liquefied into water, it will let us into a white tail. The winter white exhaust also represents your car is in very good condition, the engine combustion more fully. But if in the summer, your car exhaust pipe is also a large number of white exhaust, then you have to be careful. This is generally due to the presence of water in the combustion chamber, the water can not be directly involved in the combustion, so it will be directly into the water vapor. A large amount of water vapor is discharged from the exhaust pipe to make the exhaust look white. As for the combustion chamber why the presence of moisture, one is because gasoline contains some water, this part of the water to form water vapor; and another situation is probably because the cylinder head gasket appeared wear, the cooling fluid into the combustion chamber. When there is a large amount of white smoke exhaust solution is to check whether the cylinder block and cylinder gasket wear, but also need to check whether there is water in the tank. Now the new models have not in the carburetor to control the fuel injection quantity, so under normal circumstances, the new petrol vehicles rarely "black smoke" phenomenon, but once the "black smoke" phenomenon is very serious consequences. Non carburetor car "black smoke" is generally because of the mixture too thick, that is to say gasoline air mixture proportion is too high. The proportion of mixed gas control is the oxygen sensor, the "black smoke" phenomenon of the car most of the case because the oxygen sensor damage or dirty. About black and white tail gas and a gas that is blue color to chat, exhaust. Blue exhaust is generally not very common, the emergence of blue exhaust because of oil in the combustion chamber involved in the combustion caused by, that is often said that "burning oil". Almost all cars will have a reasonable loss of oil, but once beyond the reasonable scope of the need to check. Generally, the vehicle with blue exhaust is very serious. Relative to white and black.相关的主题文章: