Three new board listed company keen to spend money to buy a house a month to vote 45 million

Three new board listed company keen to spend money to buy a house   within one month of the proposed investment 45 million – Fujian Channel – original title: three new board listed company keen to spend money to buy a house within a month to vote 45 million despite the recent introduction of more market regulation policy, but the new board listed company is still getting in money. Reporters statistics, nearly a month, there are 4 listed company plans to spend $45 million in Haikou, Kunshan, Changchun, home buyers. Most of the listed companies and three new board listed company, will invest in commercial office projects and industrial plants and land. According to the new board of information disclosure, the real city of science and technology, wing Czech shares, reasson shares and the building become the property buyers since September.. Where Yi technology plans to spend 1 million 700 thousand yuan to purchase a set of commercial housing in Haikou; Czech wing company plans to spend 20 million yuan acquisition of plant and land in Jiangsu Kunshan; reasson shares intends to invest 14 million 120 thousand yuan to buy commercial office space and underground garage in Jilin Changchun; while the building is a planned investment of not more than 10 million yuan to buy Guangdong Foshan office. With a lot of Listed Companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen to buy a house to buy, because the three new board company around the distribution of their funds are limited, so most are in their own house to buy land registration. For the purchase of these real estate, many industry insiders believe that a lot of listed company to buy Industrial Land and plant is certainly for their own production, but the purchase of office space is the meaning of investment. A Beijing three new board executives told reporters that the cash flow is not very rich three new board listed company, may rent the office more affordable, so more to buy a house is to be able to improve the office environment or waiting for appreciation and rental income. This year, commercial real estate in the first tier cities welcome. A real estate agency data show that from 1 to September this year, Beijing only commercial housing turnover of more than 53 thousand units, an increase of more than doubled, the average transaction price grew by 23.5%. Dead Leung Ban data show that the two quarter of Shanghai investors continue to be optimistic about the Shanghai office market, the core value of Grade A office space rose to $71878 per square meter. CITIC Securities real estate chief researcher Chen Cong believes that this year, part of the first tier cities office transaction is very active. Like the CBD region in Lujiazui, Shanghai in Beijing in the future will still have a large volume of high-quality office supplies into the city, not the pursuit of major companies to buy short-term office property prices, but pay more attention to the office of stable rental returns. This can bring a stable return on assets, under the environment of economic downturn more attractive. In this regard, the industry said that although the recent purchase of the site from the listed company is not the hottest city, but also reflects the hope that the real estate sector in the field of money from the mind. (commissioning editor Chen Lanyan and Zhang Zijian)相关的主题文章: