Tianjin, a runaway car crashed stormed the bus station Pavilion did not affect people-didadi

Tianjin, a runaway car crashed people stormed the bus station Pavilion did not affect a runaway car crashed into the bus stop shelter. Although the car left the car phone, but the phone was prompted to shut down in the past. Yesterday morning, the public Mr. Sun via the Red Road University bus station to see a black BYD car crashed outside the license bus shelters. The front of the car at the top of the column in the middle of the shelter, shelter box glass smashed, rack behind the green belt to fly. The car engine cover top, three wheel tire. In the middle of the road two fence was opened one meter wide gap. According to the operations in the vicinity of the sanitation workers said yesterday at about 5 in the morning, I saw a mess in the shelter of sanitation workers when the posts, when the doors open, and did not see the driver. Reporters found that the car was placed at the windshield of a mobile phone bill, in accordance with the phone number in the past but prompted the shutdown. Subsequently, Mr. Sun alarm and convenience services hotline to reflect the relevant 8890. Soon, the territorial police rushed to the scene for exploration, and according to the license plate number to find the owner, while investigating the cause of the accident.相关的主题文章: