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To let her husband not absent baby daughter birthday Junsao walk 3 kilometers to Xiamen Xiamen network (micro-blog) – Xiamen evening news (micro-blog) news (reporter Lin Yiwen) know that her husband in the city to perform disaster relief repair tasks, Junsao Ms. Wang holding one year old daughter, walked 3 kilometers, is to find a husband busy scene. She said, just want to in her birthday that day, her husband can hug daughter. When Ms. Wang 7 years numbers, usually only a month and her husband met two times. They had planned to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, celebrating the birth of her daughter’s first birthday, but did not expect to be disrupted by the typhoon plan, her husband canceled the holiday into the reconstruction work. "The Mid Autumn Festival can’t live does not matter, but the baby’s first birthday, at least let father hug her." Ms. Wang said that the first birthday of a child’s life, and his father in the same city can not see one side, it would be very sad to think of it later. Yesterday afternoon, Ms. Wang temporarily decided to bring her daughter to find her husband, a family reunion birthday. "I want to be good, and then I would like to find his teeth and tired to find him, a shadow to the daughter to leave a memory." She asked her husband to perform the task in place before the Po, but just to get there, but that is responsible for the car trash husband had just left. Ms. Wang asked her husband’s next mission in the implementation of the point of view, then holding a small daughter, one hand holding the 6 year old daughter, walking for three kilometers, and finally met her husband. "We went for an hour to find him. To see the little girl, he kissed and hugged. We can only use a garbage loading break short reunion, take a photo as a birthday tribute." Ms. Wang said, although only ten minutes, but she has been very satisfied. Read the full text of this article is reproduced, does not represent the views of Xiamen (micro-blog). Xiamen network (micro-blog) for its text, pictures and other content of authenticity, timeliness, integrity and accuracy and its right attributes are not any guarantees and commitments, the reader and the relevant parties to verify. Xiamen (micro-blog) – Xiamen evening news (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: