To levy the Xiasha chowhound, Tangchaolizi really so good – Sohu to eat and drink

To levy the Xiasha chowhound, Tangchaolizi really so good? Sohu and sunshine censer living purple smoke, cold wind temperature drop. The weather is cold, warm things hold in the hands of the warm heart, buy some just out of the pot, a cover from the shop at home, just as warm peel theater or add luxurious afternoon tea, is the nature of this season to give a gift for you to say, chestnuts! For example the little store, located on one side of Fred square No. 99 Wen zelu. Every year, people from the beginning of September began to look forward to his home quickly pull up the volume of the gate, the soft waxy chestnuts to buy home. His family’s chestnuts, with a variety of Qianxi chestnut. There are large and small, but the absolute unity of the species, is the boss and the boss personally to receive good goods. The selection of the time, in order to follow the quality first, and not rigidly adhere to the size of the head, hand picked up two times, so there are almost zero bad fruit "of good reputation. Chestnuts master almost the entire career and occupation with chestnuts, working for 30 years +, is been specially invited to study with a teacher. The chestnut temperature and intensity, it is the lever but he didn’t say to the popularity of home is not generally popular, each chestnut pan yet, before the number can be discharged from a dozen people, ten o’clock morning to ten pm closed shop, never left you. Think of this scene, a day to sell much chestnuts! Sometimes a team led by the left and right of a team is more when the collar chant; line around the flower beds. I as a non professional chestnut purchasing, must give me here buddies to see, this is not easy to buy chestnuts one day I heard behind me the girl said that she wanted to buy his bedroom door, the bedroom, the bedroom next door about a dozen of the components. The boss told me that, in fact, this is very common, in addition to the students, some companies will buy a lot of office to take the afternoon tea, after all, the people who are good, really a lot. So why is there such a big chestnut? First of all, the babies after chestnut handpicked after before entering the master "palm shovel" again after a screening, to ensure the chowhound the mouth is full and the quality of chestnut. Again, freshly cooked chestnuts than in the heat storage box is absolutely more fresh and fun, in the palm of your hand is slightly hot, can not help but one after another to peel off. Finally, there is beauty in the shop owner sits, said no chestnuts are not to say is waxy boss, is my sister. It is also the only one from Zhejiang pass graduation embarked on this broad road of agricultural and sideline products girl haha. However, the determination of the store, but has its own small pursuit of it?. In 2013, when Xiao Bian just school, sister is reading, for example when Fred stopped heel. From the beginning of the "students" as the first wave of customers to the store, now more and more mentees have become ~相关的主题文章: