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Give your baby at the right time with the right pillow is very important – Sohu maternal mother said: many treasure when we choose to choose their own pillow, appearance, material, hardware and software of · · · · · · love what to what, but when the baby pillow can be selected, can not be arbitrary looking at looking to buy it, bacteria, depending on you! The new baby with a pillow, for this thing, in fact is rejected ~ that what time the baby can like an adult with a pillow on the pillow? Said 3 months ago, NO: normal newborn baby bending of the spine is not formed, the digestive system is not perfect, so it is easy to complete and choking, if the pillow case, there may be danger of suffocation, so 3 months ago is not recommended for the baby pillow. If the baby bed is too soft or baby wear too thick, can temporarily put a towel or small pillow when folded flat Gao Baobao’s head, lie down when the baby’s neck to prevent back, let the baby back and spine in a straight line. The beginning of 3 months from the beginning of CM months, the baby’s cervical spine began to appear in front of the physiological bending, in order to protect this physiological bent, then it is necessary to pillow pillow, but this pillow can not be selected. Soft pillow can not support the baby’s spine, is not conducive to the blood circulation, too hard to sleep for a long time will affect the baby’s head, it can choose how ah? In fact, the thicker towels folded to almost the height of 1cm, is a perfect pillow ~ 6 months, 2cm pillow baby grow to 6 months, the first large, the spine is also more powerful, you can choose the real pillow pillow, the height of about 2cm can be. But from this time, the baby is not honest sleep. In order to avoid the baby move, often from the pillow, you should pay attention to the baby Baba mama with wide pillow, the baby’s head activity space is larger. Some want to help the baby Baba mama with a pillow sleep a perfect head, the head is mainly depend on the direction of the baby to sleep to decide, and little pillow the relationship between hardness and. The baby used to the general direction of sound or light sleep, Baba mama can try to change the direction, to help the baby to sleep a good head. After one year old, the baby can be based on the situation with a little higher pillow! Po mom said: the height of the pillow know, then the material is limited? The baby’s metabolism is flourishing, a lot of sweat will be a lot of sweat, often wake up on the wet pillow. Baba mama when choosing pillow for baby, be sure to choose breathable absorbent pillows! Buckwheat skin do green breathable absorbent cotton and pillow, pillowcase, pillow made small, it is fabulous ~ health pillow should pay attention to. The baby with poor immunity, if long-term pillow don’t wash, will breed a lot of mites, bacteria, so that the baby is sick. So I have to often, regular sun wash pillowcases, replace the pillow!相关的主题文章: