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The transformation of 4 meters of water price of 3222 yuan   said the public budget cost is too high, Hainan channel — original title: "the transformation of 4 meters of water actually asking price 3222 Yuan Cheng introduced live in Haikou No. 42 Fengxiang East Road, Mr. Cheng told reporters in 2015, a strange combination of circumstances water supply network transformation failed to follow up now the old water use because the water pressure is too low, who lives on the first floor is often no water available. After the Water Service Company to reflect many times, September 22nd, Mr. Cheng determined from the water supply pipe of large to take over into his home, but after the cost budget makes him look foolish, the transformation of 4 meter long water pipe, the total project cost is as high as 3222.23 yuan, only the design fee will need 1200 yuan. Yesterday morning, Haikou Yongsheng design limited company responsible person responded that all costs are well documented. The water pressure is too low, some residents of the home often cut off Mr. Cheng, who lives in Haikou Fengxiang Road No. 42, he opened a small clinic. Since this year, the original good tap water becomes when breaking, and often appears the situation without water. Cheng in view of the water supply of neighbors found that everything from the old pipe network connected to the water pipes have a similar situation. Water Service Company’s technical staff said that this is due to the lack of water pressure, if you want to transform it must add a pressurized equipment. Most of Mr Cheng’s neighbours have adopted this approach. Reporters at the scene found that this kind of pressurized equipment is less than 800 yuan, more than a thousand dollars. I also wanted to use the first pressurized equipment, but the old water meter away from my home, even if there is no pressure to buy a booster device, the line is not." Mr. Cheng said that in order to solve the water problem, he run for several months, the Water Service Company’s technical staff also checked repeatedly come eventually, after careful consideration, he chose to pick the new pipe in pipe line project. Mr Cheng said, the new network in 2015 August before and after laying, the staff had to ask him whether to accept the new home network, because of the pressure of the old pipe network water is no problem, no problem, so he refused, he did not think there will be the water down the. Transformation of 4 meters water budget cost $3222 in accordance with the normal procedures, Mr. Cheng to reflect the situation of Water Service Company. September 22nd, Water Service Company technology department and Haikou Yong Sheng Design Co., Ltd. staff came to the scene to determine the program. Final determination of the pipeline from the introduction of the new home of the pipeline is 4 meters long, the budget cost of $3222.23, including the tax cost of the project is $2022.23, design fees of $1200. Transformation of 4 meters long pipe actually asking price of $3222.23, which is simply astronomical!" Cheng told reporters, for which he deliberately went to the Water Service Company to reflect the situation, in the phone he and the staff of the Haikou wing design co.. Mr. Cheng said, Haikou Yongsheng design limited company, let him go to the company office is located in Haidian island to discuss the matter, but he believes that this "high price" project is not negotiable. Yesterday, reporter to)相关的主题文章: