True love powder! Three hundred thousand days spent in the same room with Ohara Rizumi-shuyue

True love powder! Three hundred thousand and Ohara Rizumi in the same room, house flower anime fans when holy pilgrimage actually feel a little inconvenient, because a lot of the holy pilgrimage place actually is a public place. If it is indoor, or is prohibited to take pictures, or that too many people simply can not even go into the. Recently, there is a fan in order to be able to and "Lovelive! Sunshine!! "The original small Ju Li to live in the same place, spent 300 thousand yen (about 20 thousand yuan). Animation is a big miss Ohara Ri, the family run a multinational chain hotel group. And her place in Japan is the reality of Japan’s Sea Island hotel. When a Japanese netizens in the animation launch has been scheduled in October to the top in the most advanced light Island Hotel room. And the room costs 300 thousand yen a night. Finally, the netizen went to the hotel. You can drink tea with Ohara Ri in the same place. Animation is a very beautiful platform, but in fact…… Finally, add up meals and taxes a total cost of three hundred thousand yen. But how can this be considered and Ohara Ri slept in the same place, these three hundred thousand flowers still worth it. The penguin mother wanted to ask the gentlemen, you will spend so much money to do the holy pilgrimage? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: