Two cartoons released yesterday adorable adorable adorable baby refurbished classic

Two cartoons released yesterday adorable adorable adorable baby refurbished classic IP, where did I come from?" China parents before a "pick up", the popular answer is charging calls to send ", while in the west, parents will tell the child you are delivered by storks", "stork Songzi" is Europe and the United States have a long history of folklore. The September 23rd release of the animated film "funny bird Gaiden: adorable baby flying" the ancient legend and the current courier business combination, tells a funny story Songzi warmth. On the same day, rooted in childhood memories in my return after 80, "Chibi Maruko: from Italy youth" interpretation of signs "big face adorable" childlike innocence. Where is the baby coming from? Is a myth and religion human stork courier sent, since ancient times animal figure, people love to give some animal with imaginative magic, so with the birds, the crow and magpie was a totally different treatment. In the west, the stork is very popular birds, the Greeks and Romans has since put the stork as "family bird", they are not only monogamous, and parents, will work diligently to take care of the baby stork. "Songzi stork" and we Chinese "Guanyin" as the popularity of folk myths and legends. Animation film "funny bird flying" Gaiden: adorable baby will this folklore screen, and combined with the contemporary society, a new interpretation of the brain hole wide open. In the movie, a long time ago, the children are from the baby factory, who want to have children as long as parents sent a letter, will tailor a child out, and then by the stork to the human family. But in modern society, the stork population eldest brother of Songzi this charity work is not cold, but the times set up a courier company, built the edifice to undertake a variety of courier services. The star of the movie, Junior is an excellent stork courier, retiring boss to let him take over the courier company to his test is to take a year because of damage could not be delivered to the delivery address of the girl, the human family has been stranded in the stork population of small Yu away, the results were not away, Xiao Yu the accident has created an adorable treasure, Junior had to quickly take advantage of the baby away before the boss is not found, then began a variety of baby tour express status. Adorable tips: since many penguins such as mother wolf brother became a small yellow people became popular, "Adorable" became a successful cartoon style, quite a bit of "the skill, all day" posture. "Funny bird biography" the story isn’t deep, just to achieve the ultimate in sell adorable and funny, the characteristics of all kinds of animal are large scale, imaginative exaggeration, to create a comic effect. Led by two dominant wolf wolves is Junior and Xiao Yu in the film face on the road express baby’s rival, the wolves fierce and like Transformers change, change in the battle to build in the combination between cliff "wolf bridge", even at the bottom of the "stealth submarine", "submarine" but also out of the water collective ventilation scene is also very funny, more fun is the wolves相关的主题文章: