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[two string] the United Kingdom Kam more pit!! Xiao Bian strongly recommended that look like Sohu sports small said handyman small micro signal: shuangyou100, welcome harassment! Reminder: today is still betting screenings less, but also pit the UK Championship, Xiaobian the original plan is to continue to push the ticket, after all, are responsible for all of the friends of color. However, a small part of the color of the strong demand today must push the ticket, small series also feel that the wrong vote is not continuous, it chose two as the two string. The UK Championship pit, Xiao Bian still recommend everyone to see good, boring color friends can join our first guess the score, tomorrow international competition can buy buy buy. Today two on specific sessions as follows: Tuesday 005 British Championships in Cambridge VS Scunthorpe game time: 11-09 03:45 William Hill: 3.30 3.40 2.15 Macao immediately: 1.72 [two] of the hemisphere 2.04: Cambridge team in the football league is in the middle and lower reaches of the team, this season only ranked twenty-second, poor performance. Scunthorpe: the one is the upstream team, currently the highest League title, the last 10 games record of 6 wins 2 flat 2 negative. [] although Cambridge disk analysis is England’s veteran team this season, but the poor performance of the league than their high level, while performance is also better than them, although the instant dish up the odds, but still optimistic about the victory here. [recommended] Shengping Fu SMG recommended: negative time Newport County VS AFC Wimbledon Match on Tuesday 007 British Championships: 11-09 03:45 William Hill: 3.50 3.40 2.10 Macao immediately: 1.74 [two] of the hemisphere 2.02 Newport County: the home team from Welsh, the most glorious time is 1981, the year had reached the UEFA Cup winners’ cup 8 strong. But in recent years the only wandering in the low level in the league this season, the team in the second bottom, performance is very low. AFC: the same as ups and downs, Wimbledon promoted their currently ranked ninth in league one. Interestingly, the team’s home court bug away dragon road record can be ranked third in league one. [] the disk analysis for relegation, cup involvement may not be too big, the road this season well, although the day instant disc raised guest wins odds, but this field still wins blog. [recommended] Shengping Fu SMG recommended: negative相关的主题文章: