Two year old baby often inexplicable stunned was a seizure (video)-noreply

A two-year-old baby often rather baffling "trance" was actually seizures recently, who lives in Wuchang, the young mother Ms. Chen some worry, less than two years old son has been walking instability, often eat the bowl on the floor, the more strange is that the baby is often rather baffling "trance". At first, the family also felt that the child is naughty, but the baby is more and more serious phenomenon of trance, and even the limbs jitter. Yesterday, Ms. Chen and his family took his son to the pediatric examination of the people’s Hospital of Wuhan university. The director of the hospital pediatric admissions after Yao Baozhen, asked in detail about the birth and development of the child and the onset of performance, EEG and brain imaging, diagnosis of infantile epilepsy. Chen recalled, two years ago when she gave birth to a baby dystocia, a child was born into a nursing ward because of cerebral hemorrhage. Subsequently, Ms. Chen found that the child’s development than children of the same age to lag behind, until two years old began to learn to walk, but also always rickety. Yao Baozhen said that such children with epilepsy are not uncommon, children born before and after one month of brain injury caused by various reasons, or is premature and low birth weight are high risk population of children with epilepsy. Yao Baozhen warned that some early onset of epilepsy is not obvious, parents should pay attention to the child’s "abnormal behavior", if a child suddenly "trance", limbs twitch, laughter and other symptoms, there may be a seizure, if not long-term standard treatment, may suffer accidental injury and child attack. Children with epilepsy sooner rather than later, the earlier the treatment, the control of the illness is more favorable. (reporter Hu Fangyuan) daddy seventy bus passengers timely rescue emergency seizure相关的主题文章: