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The typhoon "Ai Li" path is expected tomorrow after the strange strength slowly weaken Beijing – CNR net Beijing on October 9th news (reporter Zhu Hongyuan) according to the China voice of "news" reported that the typhoon "Ai Li" the name provided by the United States, is a Marshallese "storm", although "Ai Li" will bring strong winds and rain it is quite strange, but the path is increased the defense difficulty, No. 6 Ai Li road to the west to southwest 7 suddenly, less than half a day, a moving toward the northwest, a few hours later, turn to the northeast direction, yesterday began moving north, near the coast of Guangdong. However, so toss, the typhoon is a kind of energy consumption, its strength is not likely to increase rapidly. Yesterday, the Central Meteorological Organization of national weather consultation, combined with the Guangzhou meteorological center and Hainan, Zhejiang, Fujian Province Meteorological Observatory, focusing on Eastern Southern China, strong rainfall this year, No. nineteenth typhoon "Aere" future development trends are analyzed and judged. Expected, "Aere" will be the first to 10 to 15 kilometers per hour speed to move west, after moving speed slowed down, strength gradually increased, the strongest typhoon level up from 12 to 13, (33 to 38 meters), 10 days ago, "Aere" will linger in the South China Sea less dynamic. The strength to maintain or increase, the strongest typhoon level up to level 12, (33 to 35 meters); 10 days after the west south direction, gradually to the east of Hainan Island in the west to Guangdong in the coastal area near the intensity gradually weakened. Since October 1st, typhoon "catfish" common residues affect cloud and cold air, the south appeared continuous rainfall, the avery struck, and will give what is inconvenient? It is reported that yesterday to the southeast of Fujian, Eastern Guangdong, Taiwan and other places with heavy rain or heavy rain, local heavy rain. In addition, with the 4 level to 6 level wind, the East China Sea, the Taiwan Strait is 7 to 9 gust 10 to 11 winds, the eastern sea, the South China Sea greater wind, offshore workers and fishing boats to Caution!, timely return to harbor; at the same time, the eastern coastal cities and counties have significantly reduced water, geology the debris flow and landslides caused by heavy rainfall should pay attention to. In addition, Hainan meteorological observatory tips to pay attention to the safety of offshore operations, and further attention to local precipitation after 12 days.相关的主题文章: