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The main policy of President elect Trump advocate what is the original title: News Background: the main policy of the United States President elect Trump claims the Xinhua news agency in Washington in November 9, the main policy background news: U.S. President elect Trump claims Lu Jiafei Gao Pan Xinhua News Agency reporter preliminary statistics released by the American media showed that the Republican presidential candidate, the New York real estate tycoon Donald · Trump won 8 held in the U.S. presidential election, was elected the new president of the United states. The following is the Trump campaign during the employment, taxation, trade, immigration, foreign policy and other policy proposals. [] Trump promised a full tax personal income tax cuts, the federal income tax rate from the current seven gear simplified to three. As a result, the top federal income tax rate from the current 39.6% to $33%. In addition, Trump also proposed the abolition of estate tax. [Trump] employment commitment to manufacturing jobs go overseas back to the United States, should be the highest federal income tax rate from the current 35% to 15%, and the proposal for U.S. companies overseas profits disposable 10% tax, income tax for investment in the U.S. economy and backward state. He advocated the gradual abolition of the existing damage employment regulations, promised to revive the US coal industry, the development of the petroleum and natural gas and other traditional energy sources, said these initiatives will add 25 million jobs in the next 10 years. [Trump] trade commitments on the North American Free Trade Agreement to negotiate, oppose the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), trade will strengthen law enforcement, to impose punitive tariffs on "unfair dumping and subsidy of the state. [Immigration] Trump promised that illegal immigrants in the United States will not be able to obtain legal citizenship. Any illegal immigrants with criminal records and illegal immigrants who were arrested during his administration will be repatriated. He also promised to repeal Obama’s executive order on immigration reform in November 2014. The order is intended to protect about 4 million of the illegal immigrants who have been detained in the United States for a long time. [foreign policy] Trump summed up the core idea of his foreign policy as "the first in the United States," putting the interests of the American people and the United States in the first place. He criticized the Iran nuclear agreement is the product to leave the table, put forward to ease relations between the United States and Russia, affect his country affairs use of economic levers to reshape the military power of the United States, the most advanced equipment for R & D, and let us allies take more defense costs and protect themselves. (end) editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: