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Udhiyah, share and gratitude: Qinghai Muslims celebrate Eid al AdhA – News Network in Xining in September 12, the new title: slaughter, share and gratitude: Qinghai Muslims celebrate Eid al AdhA author Zhang Tianfu Sun Rui 78 year old Muslim man Ma Decheng, dressed in white robes, with a white beard, hale and hearty. The 12 day, ushered in the Muslim Eid al AdhA once a year. According to the old rules, seven pm, Ma Decheng and sons, grandchildren from home leave, walk to one of the four major mosques of Northwest China’s Qinghai province Xining Dongguan mosque to attend an important ceremony of Eid al adha. Eid al AdhA, Arabic transliteration as the "child? Guerbang", meaning "sacrifice", "sacrifice", it is also called "Eid al AdhA", is one of the three major festivals of islam. Eid al AdhA originated from the Islamic prophet Ibrahim dreamed that Allah ordered him killed son Ismail sacrificed, to test his pious story of god. In Chinese, the Muslim Hui, salar, Dongxiang and other ten nationalities every year to celebrate the festival of Eid al AdhA, mainly for the ceremony, slaughter, dinner. Nine in the morning, more than ten million Muslim men in Xining City, has been laid in Xining Dongguan mosque worship blanket outside the temple. Because of the large Muslim men wearing white top hat, will worship when the crowd is like the white river". The ceremony began, the "Hafeizu" (i.e. the back of the "Koran" people) developed by using Arabic, read the "Koran" in part, then, President of Qinghai Province, the Islamic Association of Dongguan mosque Imam Ma Changqing to attend church Muslims speak of "Walz" (the speech). "Walz" closed, Dongguan mosque Imam Muslim led two worship "is the" (i.e. week). Then by the Imam read "Hu soil white" (i.e. Arabic speech) and "Doo wop" (praying). So far, will be the end of the ceremony. As the core content, Corban next, the two son of Ma Decheng and the majority of Muslims, to the slaughter. These years, the brothers do Cordyceps and cattle business, his family was well off, this year they decided to kill a cow to share the festive. "When the beef will be divided into 1/3 can not afford to kill the poor people of cattle and sheep, even if we do not know before, as long as he needs, we will share with them the festive holiday." Ma Decheng said, the rest of the meat, left to entertain visitors, "we have thirty or forty relatives, holiday, we will arrange a time, my two sons to the house to visit relatives." In Xining, the majority of Muslims living in urban communities, in order to facilitate the slaughter, the local government also set up a special livestock trading points and slaughter points. "And" filial piety Festival Eid al AdhA ‘, in Islamic culture, the festival by the prophet Ibrahim’s story is become a favourite tale." Xining Dongguan mosque "red" Imam Elias told News Agency reporters, "now the slaughter, in addition to do filial piety, meaning is for deceased relatives slaughter, to express the most simple humanitarian feelings." Elias became "net red" because of him相关的主题文章: