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Undocumented kindergarten children during sleep the Department in charge of the ground: not on my original title: Xuzhou undocumented kindergarten children during sleep competent departments: not belongs to me recently, Huang Ji Zhen Chen Lou Cun, Xuzhou District of Copper Mt. villagers to the government ethics hotline reflect, there are dozens of undocumented local private kindergarten, teacher no teacher qualifications, but in the big enrollment. At the same time, there are problems in the food hygiene. To this end, the villagers have repeatedly reflected to the local education authority, but no one has. Look at the reporter’s investigation. In Huang Ji Zhen Chen Lou Cun Chen Lou primary school is a private kindergarten. Reporters on the scene saw the children go to school classroom is actually separated by a primary school classroom. In the private kindergarten kitchen, dirty environment, flies flying, placing children tableware cabinet even the most basic health protection are not. It is understood that this private kindergarten has been operating for many years, then, such a school condition, can really apply to the local education authorities issued a private kindergarten school license? And Ping Lou Cun Chen Lou adjacent, there are two private kindergartens, the classroom is also rented private housing, children’s activities of less than 20 square meters. Set in the Yellow Town area, the reporter random visited nearly ten private kindergartens and found that the number of private kindergartens while running for many years, but the school conditions are difficult to meet the relevant requirements. In this Beaming with Joy kindergarten, the reporter found that the children in the lunch break, even sleeping on the floor. At the same time, the reporter visited the survey found that the number of private kindergartens are not in accordance with the provisions of the school license suspension publicity, and ask them to show reporters, the other is secretive, or is unable to provide. These unlicensed unlicensed private kindergarten, teaching institutions can not meet the relevant requirements, teachers do not have teaching qualifications, food hygiene is also difficult to guarantee, so many problems, why can also run for many years? Why do parents and children will be assured that the past? One is the limited number of public kindergartens, overcrowding, on the other hand is undocumented nursery flooding, lack of effective supervision. Reporters will reflect this phenomenon to the local education authorities, but suffered the relevant departments to kick each other. Wang Chengbin, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education: to solve this problem, one to clean up; two to treat the symptoms. From the rectification, the local education sector to the district level Party committee and government to reflect. District level party committees and governments to organize law enforcement departments to carry out rectification and law enforcement. Support, support private kindergartens, especially the development of inclusive private kindergarten. Last year, the Jiangsu provincial government has a document on inclusive private kindergarten, there is a financial subsidy. At the same time, we also take various measures to improve the quality and level of private kindergarten. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen supervision, planning and construction of private kindergartens, school qualifications, including the annual inspection, these work must keep up.相关的主题文章: