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Travel-and-Leisure If you are looking for some unique adventure in Dubai, you must positively opt for desert safaris in Dubai. These desert safaris will offer you an experience of a lifetime. They form the most unique and the best way to experience the desert life in Dubai. The beautiful deserts of Dubai are enchanting and will ever remain fresh in your minds. These safaris are an adventure like no other. One just cannot afford to miss out on the adventure of a desert safari, while in Dubai. The exciting journey starts from your hotel. There are 4×4 vehicles that .e to fetch you to start on a remarkable journey on the deserts. You will feel like a Hollywood star experiencing the roller coaster rides on these deserts. This roller coaster ride is also known as the sand bashing or also as dune bashing. Travelers regard this roller coaster ride to be the soul of their entire Dubai visit. In fact the Dubai visits are considered to be in.plete without the exciting and thrilling desert safari. While enjoying the bumpy ride on the deserts, often the later part of the evenings is occupied with viewing the desert sunset. This is also known as the desert sunset view point. This sunset will ever remain in your memory. Later you can enjoy the camel rides, which is another fun. Feeling the air of the deserts close to the evenings gets you closer to these deserts in Dubai. While in the Desert camps, there is yet another lifetime experience eagerly waiting for you. You are wel.ed with tasty drinks and unlimited liquor. You enjoy your tea, coffee, or soft drinks while chatting with the other travelers. Evening in the deserts sees you having fun with the drinks and sheesha. The ladies love to get heena tattooing done from the expert henna designers at the camp. There are .anized 5 star buffets for dinner. Travelers love to enjoy these 5 star cuisines while listening to soft music as well as other music played by the famous DJ. Then there is an enchanting belly dance performance by the seductive and ravishing dance performances. This will add delight and pleasure to your evening. Later at night, you will have another lifetime experience while diving into the desert at night. The breathtaking views of the desert at night let you feel the real flavor of the deserts. It will also be surprising to see how the drivers locate your camps at night, when there is a vast expanse of the desert. The desert safari will be an experience of a lifetime for you. Then later, you sleep in the camps. Viewing the golden sunrise in the morning, with rays falling on the golden brown sand will refresh you. All these experiences keep on adding to your memories. So, if you are planning for a trip to Dubai, you must not miss out on the desert safari. Desert safari will offer you the life time experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: