USB connection has been the most cattle in the history of the out printing mode

The USB connection has been out summary of the history of the cattle print editor’s note: in the printing process, many friends are between PC and USB complex connected printer is a headache, at the same time, the use of USB line to PC terminal and printer must be in a position, so the relative USB connection, in order to save the enterprise printing costs, usually adopts Ethernet cable to connect the printer in the corner of a shared equipment, employees in the use of only a simple "Print" can be set to the complex network management company. However, under the influence of the mobile Internet under the influence of modern companies or families, 1 USB connection plus 1 Ethernet cable connection, far enough to meet this demand. Thanks to the rise of wireless networks, many printer manufacturers began to try to put the printer device in the wireless network, so that mobile devices and PC devices can be printed by wireless transmission. Through the wireless network is undoubtedly the way to print the progress, in other words, the success of the wireless network print out of the line connection, mobile printing. So, what are the current mainstream printing methods? I will bring you the most comprehensive summary. USB and wired network USB connection can be said to be the standard USB printer, slot line are designed in the back of each printer, divided into USB2.0 and USB3.0, the data transmission speed of USB3.0 relative to USB2.0 faster, so the printing more fluent, of course this is based on the USB connection on the. Print product enterprise basic Shanghai is equipped with an Ethernet cable slot, the socket is very convenient to the printing equipment company limited into the network, so that each cable network printer can enjoy convenient printing fun. The reason why commercial equipment will be equipped with Ethernet cable slot, is the result of cost and efficiency integration. Enterprises in order to save the cost of printing costs, and require the improvement of office efficiency, so the printer as a separate printing station, as an integral part of the shared network. If necessary, employees will be sent to the printer file, the use of relatively simple. I will not repeat them here. Wi-Fi connect to print a simple search Wi-Fi signal, enter the Wi-Fi password, the printer will be placed into the wireless LAN, which is a common way to connect Wi-Fi printing. However, each of the vendors, even each printer connection will be slightly different, some in the control panel can be set directly, some need to operate in the desktop operating system, the printer can be placed into the wireless local area network. Wi-Fi connection print out of the shackles of the USB line and Ethernet cable, to achieve a true sense of wireless printing. In the wireless printing process, the user only needs to be in the PC side and the mobile terminal can be simply set up, there is no complex operation. From this point of view, the advantages of Wi-Fi connection printing larger. In the inferior aspect, the author thinks that the biggest disadvantage of Wi-Fi connection printing is that the data transmission is affected by the wireless signal.相关的主题文章: