Van ran out of control of the fence to ask the police to break the case of

The van lost control and hit the guardrail high-speed police asked artful broken the kidnapping of the original title: a man hijacked van out of control was an online news according to the Anhui daily news in the car hit the guardrail, more than 2 points in October 7th afternoon, Wuhu and 95KM at high speed, a car is driving the van suddenly lost control and hit a roadside fence, at precisely the high-speed traffic police after the roadside, police kindly asked to get off, but unexpectedly uncovered this kidnapping hostage case, will be a success man hostage rescue. The police van suddenly hit the fence out of kindness in the afternoon is asked to get off the National Day holiday return peak, in order to maintain traffic order, Hefei high-speed traffic police detachment of six police brigade drove along the Wuhu high-speed patrol back and forth. 2 pm, police received the alarm call, a traffic accident occurred in Wuhu, 104KM to Hefei at the direction of alarm, the police immediately drove to the police, but moving to 95KM, behind the sudden "touch", a moving van suddenly hit a roadside guardrail body. Damaged. Out of good intentions, the police stopped the police car in the emergency lane, and then get off the van to go. The car man panicked police questioning 6 people abandoned the vehicle and fled the car was a young man, when asked about the cause of the accident, the young man said it hit a roadside fence, because the car when he was smoking, because smoking is "distracted before they hit the guardrail." Police asked to check the driving documents, this time the man resumed quickly, said the documents on the back of the car, not with me. The man said to the police on a pile of RMB, the police looked down, the money is all hundred dollar bills, at least several hundred yuan. "Please take the money back!" The police refused to. Then the man said only two people on the van. Just let the van collision damage is heavy, the two wheel has a flat tire, if not immediately off, will affect the subsequent vehicle traffic, but in the police called the Rescue Department of the phone, the car of the young man was wandering. At the same time, the car Hula down many young men, including drivers a total of 6 people. "Obviously on the car two people, how come out so many people?" Plus the driver has been reluctant to produce documents, the police have felt this strange, and immediately photographed evidence, see has caused police attention, 6 people ran off without demur. The man was kidnapped hostage after police when he hit the steering wheel "don’t run, you give me stop!" The police Kuangzhui, but unfortunately the car is crowded, and escape 6 people already scattered escape, the police catch a journey to no avail, had to fold back back to the scene of the accident. The police again approached the van, car and down a middle-aged man, with obvious marks on the neck, see the police man suddenly relieved: "police comrades, hastened to help me!" Originally, the man surnamed Zhang, Jiangsu Yixing. Zhang said he was on the car 6 people kidnapped hostage, he was driving a Porsche sedan and the body of the thousands of dollars and a mobile phone was taken away. 6 Zhang hostage in the van on the front of one car, ya相关的主题文章: