Vedic Astrology Part 32 – The 27 Nithya Yogas-sugus

The combined longitudes of the Sun and the Moon is called a Nithya Yoga. There are 27 Nithya Yogas based on the 27 constellations which tenant the Ecliptic. The calculation of Nithya Yoga is simple. Add the longitude of the Moon to the longitude of the Sun, divide it by 13 degrees 20 minutes and you get the Nithya Yoga. Nithya Yoga = Longitude of Sun + Longitude of Moon / 13 degrees 20 minutes These are the effects of being born in different Nithya Yogas The First NITHYA YOGA : VISHKAMBA Those born under VISHKAMBA NITHYAYOGA have predictive or prognosticating ability.They are spiritual minded and not materialstic. They are interested in the divine and the occult side of life. They love all that moves. It is quite possible that they have a small bend of the body when they walk. The Second NITHYA YOGA : PREETHI They are workaholics as they are born in PREETHI NITHYAYOGA. Their public relations are excellent because of their sincerity and altruistic nature. They have a sacrificing mentality and they come up in life always. Their love for all that lives is their best forte. The Third NITHYA YOGA : AYUSHMATH Those born under AYUSHMATH NITHYAYOGA have leadership qualities which paves the way for success. The Nithya Yoga in which they are born is self-explanatory as it confers longevity. Their decisions are always accepted in society without objections. Their life is made happy by these factors. The Fourth NITHYA YOGA : SOUBHAGYA Special signs in their hands & feet are indicated by SOUBHAGYA NITHYA YOGA. The distribution, preparation and the quality of food stuffs interest them and they may take this up as their profession . Their income may come from associated sources .It is possible that they may stay away in far away places. The Fifth NITHYA YOGA : SOBHANA Visual art and display interest them as they are born in SOBHANA NITHYAYOGA . Their work is always characterised by an artistic element and they are always lucky in their profession. Their public relations are good. They have taste for good food and they possess happiness & possessions. The Sixth NITHYA YOGA : ATHIGANDHA Those born under ATHIGANDHA NITHYAYOGA appreciate the fine arts, movies & music. They enjoy fighting and quarrelling even as they are detached. They are difficult to be influenced and they are strong-minded & courageous. They have high integrity. The Seventh NITHYA YOGA : SUKARMA As they are born in SUKARMA NITHYAYOGA they are noble in their outlook and dignified in their manners. Dutiful they are and they can easily impress their colleagues with excellent performance. Their words and actions are good and they are charitable by nature. The Eighth NITHYA YOGA : DRITHI As they are born in DRITHI NITHYAYOGA they will enjoy scientific knowledge and they are interested in inventions. They are astounded and impressed by space travel. They have expertise and ability for effective communications. They are strong minded & unassailable. The Ninth NITHYA YOGA : SOOLA As they are born in SOOLA NITHYAYOGA they have gymnastic bodies.They are sharp on the thinking level & the active level. They are proud of their abilities & possessions both material and intellectual. They are shorttempered & quarrelsome. The Tenth NITHYA YOGA : GANDHA As they are born in GANDHA NITHYAYOGA they are likely to be tall.They may have to deal with bad elements in society which may cause unpopularity & discontent in the beginning. But their will power determination & workaholism will save them finally. The Eleventh NITHYA YOGA : VRIDDHI Their analytical ability & intellectuality are all part and parcel of VRIDDHI NITHYAYOGA. They love their family and children so much & this is their wealth. The opportunities they get and their childhood environment always determine their progress. The Twelfth NITHYA YOGA : DHRUVA As they are born in DHRUVA NITHYAYOGA they are physically robust having wellbuilt bodies. They will be known as men of patience due to the peace of mind they enjoy. Their health will be allright.They earn respect for their reliability. The Thirteenth NITHYA YOGA : VYAGHATHA Those born under VYAGHATHA NITHYAYOGA are prone to anger. As they are short tempered their associates may not always freely communicate with them . Their eyes will be peculiar and they are acceptable to others. They may seem eccentric to many. The Fourteenth NITHYA YOGA : HARSHANA As they are born in HARSHANA NITHYAYOGA they become leaders whereever they are placed due to inherent leadership qualities. These qualities will manifest depending on the challenges & opportunities they get. They stand by Truth and fight for it. The Fifteenth NITHYA YOGA : VAJRA As they are born in VAJRA NITHYAYOGA they have analytical minds. They will be considered as trouble makers right from childhood.They are good at faultfinding which is good in inspection or superintending jobs. They should see the positive side of people. The Sixteenth NITHYA YOGA : SIDDHI As they are born in SIDDHI NITHYAYOGA they are blessed by intelligence and prosperity. They have strong minds in strong bodies.They enjoy the joys of this world as if they are heavenly gifts. They will have the prosperity of children. The Seventeenth NITHYA YOGA : VYATHIPATHA As they are born in VYATHIPATHA NITHYAYOGA they will have to face abundant problems and failures, even from the start. But their determination & sangfroid in the face of adversity will surely bring home the bacon. They may become hard & cruel because of the hard bludgeonings received in early life. The Eighteenth NITHYA YOGA : VARIYAN As they are born in VARIYAN NITHYAYOGA they tend to follow Philosophy & Religion. Even their enemies are flabbergasted by their courage, selfconfidence & pride. Their partners will be proud of them in a secret way which may not be expressed in public. They enjoy wealth. The Ninteenth NITHYA YOGA : PARIKHA PARIKHA NITHYAYOGA makes them fighters. Even though this is the secret of their success this tendency should be controlled lest it brings trouble to others. They have an innate interest in arms & ammunition related toys. They are small in size. The Twentieth NITHYA YOGA : SIVA As they are born in SIVA NITHYAYOGA they are cool, calm & collected. They earn the respect of good people & they do not get excited easily. Their wealth is never exhibited by them but seen by others. They are aware of something more powerful & superior to them. The Twenty First NITHYA YOGA : SIDDHA Since they are born in SIDDHA NITHYAYOGA they have a sincerity of purpose and a pure heart. They will acquire fame for their good deeds. Acquisition of knowledge – scientific, philosophic and literary will be theirs . Fame will accrue to them automatically. The Twenty Second NITHYA YOGA : SADHYA As they are born in SADHYA NITHYAYOGA they have good knowledge and and devotion to duty. This may not be appreciated by many people. This begets enmity. They love music & fine arts.They normally get what they want in life. The Twenty Third NITHYA YOGA : SUBHA As they are born in SUBHA NITHYAYOGA they have pleasing personalities and they are respected in society. Society will say that they are lucky and pure at heart. They become eligible due to their merit for employment in governmental & institutional offices. The Twenty Fourth NITHYA YOGA : SUBHRA As they are born in SUBHRA NITHYAYOGA they have knowledge and good wealth ( wealth acquired thorugh legal means). They command respect in the circle they belong to which gives them strength of mind.They incur the enmity of those who are jealous of them . The Twenty Fifth NITHYA YOGA : BRAHMA As they are born in BRAHMA NITHYAYOGA they are naturally interested in Philosophy and the Law Divine. They are ready for hard sacrifice by which alone high heaven is earned.As a result they will be loved and respected. This Nithyayoga denotes Wisdom & the life divine. The Twenty Sixth NITHYA YOGA : MAHENDRA They are likely to be altruists as they are born in MAHENDRA NITHYA YOGA. They will have professional brilliance, knowledge and expertise. They are normally gentle but short tempered when provoked. Their body may be afflicted and they are advised to check up regularly. The Twenty Seventh NITHYA YOGA : VYADHRITHI VYDHRITHI NITHYA YOGA is conducive to enjoyment of water games & physical pleasures. They have the grace of Beauty and love modern outlook and fashion. They will have wealth acquired through legal means. They have a totally different vision from the normal. By: Acharya Dinesh Sharma – When the two planets come together on the day of Monday, December 8th there is set to be a trend towards telling the truth and nothing else which would last all week. 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