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Wages since the end of 34 the city of Beijing is the highest stage of the transformation of the Internet industry 13737 yuan Chinese macroeconomic stabilization in the downlink, but the Internet industry has burst out strong vitality, has become the Everfount recruitment needs, the highest degree of industry employment boom. So, in China’s 34 major cities, which in the end of the city’s highest salary in the Internet industry, Changchun ranked among them? 10, Changchun evening news reporter learned from Zhaopin, according to the second half of the Internet industry survey, enterprise recruitment average salary of 9495 yuan, of which the Internet industry in Beijing city is 13737 yuan, the highest salary, and Changchun city with 7191 yuan, ranked thirty-first. Changchun Internet industry low salaries from the second half of 2016 Zhaopin online recruitment platform salary data, Internet industry enterprise recruitment average salary of 9495 yuan, is in the leading position in all industry categories. From the country’s 34 major cities online job recruitment information, there is a big gap between the recruitment of Internet industry in different cities. One of Beijing’s Internet industry average recruitment of the highest salary, 13737 yuan to 11596 yuan in Shanghai, the average was second, the average salary for Shenzhen is 10188 yuan, slightly higher than the average level of 9668 yuan in Guangdong. In addition, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other cities as the representative of the Yangtze River Delta region, as well as Xiamen, Dongguan, Fuzhou as the representative of the Pearl River Delta region, the average salary is also the top ten. In contrast, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin and other Northeastern regions, as well as Zhengzhou, Taiyuan and other central regions of the Internet industry average salary of around 7000 yuan in recruitment, at a low level. Changchun Internet industry development is limited, then the outbreak of the Internet industry today, the city’s Internet industry what are the existence of constraints, leading to the bottom of the salary rankings. In this regard, Zhaopin experts said, overall, on the Internet in the high-end talent demand first-tier cities, enterprises with high salaries as the main means to snatch talent, so the average salary highest recruitment. Experts believe that the Northeast Changchun Internet industry salary is low, mainly because the majority of traditional industries and enterprises in these areas, subject to capacity and the macroeconomic impact of the economic downturn, the development of the Internet industry is relatively limited. The highest average salary for Small and micro businesses in the Internet industry, although with high salary and welfare is known more for medium or large well-known Internet companies, but from the online job salary data of different scale enterprises, the average salary is the highest recruitment of small and micro enterprises. Zhaopin experts believe that Small and micro businesses in the Internet industry most startups in market development and the most competitive stage, need outstanding talent, but because the employer brand low visibility, so can raise the recruitment salary means and well-known IT companies competing for talents. For medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises, their own already have a certain amount of talent reserves, the recruitment of personnel is relatively low degree of urgency, will use the development prospects, cultural values, education and training相关的主题文章: