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Home-and-Family You have been dreaming for a couple of years about traveling in your RV to explore this beautiful country. The freedom this represents is real, not just something you fantasize about over coffee. Thousands of people are out there realizing this dream. You see them every day rolling by in their palace on wheels and wish it were you. Your house, that brick and mortar structure that was your focus for so many years, is now the anchor that keeps the next great adventure from happening. You need to sell it fast and get on the road. Good news! New options for marketing your home exist now. Promoting your house and driving traffic to your door is easier than ever before. The common approach to selling a house requires finding a good real estate agent. Interviewing agents, searching online for the friendliest real estate advertisement or talking to friends and neighbors is the usual path. Or . . .sell your house yourself and become a FSBO. Follow The Traditional Path And Hire A Listing Agent If you hire a listing agent make sure this agent can send the necessary traffic to your house. Interview the agent before signing that contract and ask how many homes have sold in the last year that the listing agent personally signed up. The agent must have a proven system to drive traffic to your door. Selling your house should be their first priority. However, since listing agents earn their living talking homeowners into exclusive contracts, don’t count on being their only customer. You, the homeowner, are going to do most of the work for the agent. You schedule any appointments to show the house, not your agent. Usually the buyer’s agent makes that appointment call and shows up with their client to view the house. It is up to you to keep the house in showing order and be there to let them in the house. If anything is stolen or damaged, the loss is not covered by the listing broker – check the contract. If the agent can deliver the traffic then the house sells quickly. They don’t show up with any buyers or be there to show the house. Good listing agents don’t have time for that, they spend their time signing up homeowners not actually selling the houses. Follow The Creative Path and Become a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) The tools available to the listing agent are also available to you as a FSBO. This includes the multiple-listing service, all the promotional websites, and people to handle the paperwork. Hire someone to keep the house in showing order and be there to open the door, if you prefer. Even after expenses you save thousands of dollars over hiring an agent…plus the satisfaction of being in control and selling the house in a way that suits your travel plans. What Does It Take To Become A Successful FSBO Do you have the patience to meet and greet strangers in your home? Can you talk about price with confidence? Are you organized enough to return phone calls, set up appointments, and stay up-to-date on E-mail enquiries? Can you see putting an extra $10,000+ in your pocket after the sale? That’s it! You spend the same amount of time scheduling appointments and keeping the house in showing order regardless of the path you take. The difference is the money in your pocket after the sale. Choose the Right Plan If becoming a FSBO seems overwhelming then hiring an agent is the only choice you can make, but don’t let fear keep you from looking into all the options. I have sold houses as a FSBO and by hiring an agent, so I know the process. Don’t be intimidated by it, be prepared as a FSBO. Take the money you save and upgrade the RV purchase, then hit the road. About the Author: " on Margo’s website, ..TheMaxwellGroup.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: