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"Wasted"! Shanghai 8 Swiss Super hot springs bubble up! Winter in Shanghai say hello to Duang~duang~duang~, and to take off clothes to wash clothes by the courage, perseverance, time to get up on the explosive force… Oh ~ ringlets don’t want to wake up! This time, small curls just want someone about me a spa, a sauna together in this winter day ~ a sweat… Even soup "Korean" spa spa club, Korean steam massage, entertainment and many other items can be brilliant, bubble can be steamed, you can play, you can eat. And everywhere there are warm, very intimate. Rest and rocker swing, bubble bath in the winter wine and dine sleep steams is simply not so happy ah. As a chowhound, ringlets is sure to mention to eat. Even the soup is good food, a large amount of reasonable price, look at the appetite is not it? And the restaurant may also have a North Korean style performances at 18:30, do not have a feeling ah! Address: 1200 Lane Road Changqing senhong Shopping Plaza (Changqing branch); Boshilu No. 57 (central 118 stores per capita): 150 yuan (group purchase price 109 yuan over the weekend) Gokurakuyu super fire "Japanese soup pure Japanese blood, Shanghai famous Japanese baths. Maybe you know, but you have to mention it! Because they do not only have indoor soup, outdoor soup, as well as red wine pool, pool, pool, etc.. It is also worth mentioning that their comic angle, more than 10 thousand Japanese original comics, there are a variety of girls love the cute yukata, in short, is bathing, massage, sauna delicacy all have ~ address: Pudong New Area Xinjinqiao Road No. 600 (jinzang Road); Qilian South Road 398 (near the same way) per capita: 180 yuan (group purchase price of 108 yuan) Cheongdam Dong Korean Korean spa spa theme here is the theme of the whole Korean warm room Oh ~ can experience the Korean traditional Korean house. Love to see the boys play, like not like mud adorable also imagine tvwhere my feel? But here in addition to steam, oxygen, and film screening room, children’s playground, health Cave… Address: Jiading District No. 1187 Akesu Road, International Building, David 1-3F: 100 yuan per capita (group purchase price 65 yuan over the weekend) Royal pond SPA The Springs Hotel domineering Royal wind inside the natural landscape water treatment SPA hot springs, softened water carbonate pool, spa pool – open body cylinder, massage surfing pool, the original children’s pool, sauna, steam bath tower, moon Pavilion, 3D theater, children’s playground, Khan, nano yoga, the steam is a praise Oh ~ address: No. 261 Road (near 3729 passenger Center) per capita: 105 yuan (group purchase price of 59 yuan) to de spa weekend together the best place for the environment is very good oh! Equipped with steam, carbonated spring, sauna, lounge, 3D small theater, somatosensory games, qinzaiyueyuan… And the restaurant dishes taste good, fish, shrimp, salt and pepper ribs can try yo ~ address: No. 258 Yongxing Road, 101 yuan per capita (group purchase price of 68 yuan) Xiaonanguo Heyuan Japanese soup Spa Service first-class temperature)相关的主题文章: