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What are the symptoms of myopia in children – Sohu maternal and child now, a lot of children at a young age will be myopia. Why is there such a phenomenon? Now more and more advanced science and technology, games, e-books, computers, televisions, every household, so many children brought up on the glasses since childhood. For myopia, the best solution is prevention, and prevention is the premise that parents need to understand what will happen after the child myopia. 1 often frown to say this, mom and dad may feel very strange, myopic close frown what thing? After the study found that some of the decline in vision, or has been myopic children frown. This is mainly because children want to see things. Because they can not see clearly, children like to frown, so that they can see for a while. But always frown will oppress the eye nerve and eye, will make myopia become more and more serious. If Mom and dad found that children often frown, it is best to take the child to do a visual examination, you can advance preparedness. The 2 position is very strange if the two eyes of myopia degree difference is very big, will have eyes to see a clear. In this situation, the child can only adjust the position to achieve the purpose of seeing things clearly. Therefore, if the child sitting problems, it is best to bring the child to check the next vision. 3 why do you always squint your eyes? Mainly due to the eyes when the eyelids will block part of the pupil, to reduce the scattering of light, the child can see clearly. 4 prevention methods in understanding the child myopia will appear symptoms, mom and dad to do is an antidote against the disease. How to prevent children myopia? First, often take their children to the outdoor walk, a lot closer to the natural look at the green trees, do not let the children stay at home all day watching tv. Second, the control of light to moderate, the child is still small, very sensitive to light, the light is too dark or too strong will hurt the child’s vision. Finally, when the child with excessive eye, we must let the children learn to relax. Every time I see a child wearing glasses will feel very sorry. The eye is we want to use a lifetime, is a very important organ, so to protect her ah. Therefore, in order to avoid the situation of children myopia, mom and dad usually have to supervise the child’s improper behavior and habits of the eye, so that children have a good habit of using the eye. In order to get more information about parenting, parenting and interactive awards, please visit the baby zone website相关的主题文章: