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What is the recommended books in autumn? My mother is the Sohu overseas education group Ma Carol for more than and 10 years English picture book promotion, the practitioner here and 100 thousand mother communication assistant experience enlightenment of parent-child reading: Mao mother, do you think autumn is what look like? Mom: it’s my favorite season. It’s not like spring. Unlike the summer, reqingshihuo. There is a feeling that the world is quiet from the noise. The beauty of autumn needs to slowly realize. To truly appreciate the taste of autumn, and the children read the picture book! Feel how the leaves fall. Think of autumn, we will think of what? Leaves, pumpkin, apple, wind; is the stocking, the geese fly south; soon the day is black, easy to fall asleep on his knees for children…… The following picture will fall these elements behaved most incisive. 01 Baby Love Fall (1~4) Karen Kazs book: the baby’s first book on the fall of the cognitive Book appreciation | autumn what is waiting for you to discover it? Is the clothes basket soft warm hat and scarf! It’s a hairy squirrel on the apple tree! They’re storing food for the winter! What is hidden behind the stupid scarecrow? Is a pumpkin! This book, close to the child’s life theme, design book also satisfy the baby love to explore the nature of. The changes in autumn are hidden in the details of life! What are suitable for the baby autumn book? Look at this one! 02 Clifford’s First Autumn (2~3): when the big red dog or red dog, it is the first to fall within this page | appreciation in autumn, the scenery is not the same. Elizebeth put Cliff on the window and let him look at the scenery outside the window of autumn. Cliff was surprised to find his breathe into a fog. The park looks different, too. The leaves of the wind, crever cold shrink from the body. There are many pumpkins and apples in the supermarket. But how crever suddenly disappeared? It fell into the fruit pile! It’s really a naughty dog! A total of more than and 30 pages of this book, the content is very rich. There are many crever autumn story, it looked at the birds fly to the south, it is still chasing leaves, suddenly a strange object hit…… Is not limited to the length of the. Have time to look at it! There is no suitable baby autumn picture? Look at the three below! 03 Can Read I! The Fall Festival (4~8): a small man with you over the fall festival in autumn to appreciate | page, from yellow to green leaves. A small man driving. They are met the autumn festival, there are a lot of young man! Dad!相关的主题文章: