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Where does Dad go in the fourth quarter? All guests and adorable baby has all been announced – Jiangxi Channel – People’s original title: Daddy where the fourth quarter when broadcast? All the guests have all announced "and adorable baby daddy where" fourth official blog announced the "quality standards" for a young teenage boy adorable photos turned friends, more sharp eyed netizens immediately recognized Li Yihang: "this is not Luhan’s son?" and the other one is only three years old little Lolita Cui Yahan, called "toot sister". Why is Li Yihang called Luhan son, because Li Yihang had been asked who the father was innocent, replied: "I love Luhan, my dad is luhan." This conversation was PO to the network, many users look after: "who knew uproarious love who do dad, Dad qiuqin psychological shadow area." But a closer look, Li Yihang and adorable handsome Luhan are somewhat similar, "small deer Han" hence the name. Another is a fleshy Su her face, talking big eyes Cui Yahan, very adorable, although she is not old, "toot sister" performance experience has been very rich, fashion shows, TV commercials, TV movie…… One does not fall, as early as micro-blog harvest a lot of fans. (commissioning editor Mao Siyuan and Qiu Ye)相关的主题文章: