Where is the creative magical animal to uncover the secrets of magic (video) zghd

Where is the "creative" magical animal to uncover the secrets of animal magic magic "where" creative video greeting is coming to China to Tencent by Warner Bros. entertainment news, Rowling J.K. produced the first screenwriter 3D fantasy masterwork "magical animal where" will be landing in November 25th mainland screen. The film today (November 8th) exposure starring Eddie · video greetings, Reid Main, Catherine · Watson, Dan ·, Alison Vogele; · Su bud fit again and Chinese trailer will debut, "Beijing fans see" four stars and director David · Yates, producer David Heyman will promote in · Beijing from November 17th to November 19th. The latest movie trailer exposure at the same time, show the protagonist Newt · to the audience; Kaman de trunk secret in the trailer, he invited not to understand the magic chicken companion Jacob together into the box, an incredible magic dimension first opened, the scene is amazing: the magic world really want to return! The chicken group of four will be open from the "new world Chinese magic release as well as half a month where the magical animal" mainland, starring joint appearance magician four chicken, specially recorded a video greeting for Chinese fans. In the video, the four starred in the Chinese greeting the Chinese fans, and expressed the desire to come to China and meet the mood. It is reported that the visit to China, in addition to the four stars, directed by David · Yates, producer David Heyman · also arrived in Beijing for three days of publicity, and the media, fans close interaction. After a lapse of five years, Rowling personally penned the script, carrying a new magic world, this time, Rowling will set in as early as "Harry Potter" series of · 70 years of North American magic world. Once the Hogwarts students British magician Newt · scamandre loaded with the magic box animal came to the United States of New York, but only a few magic box animal accident escape, let Newt become the North American wizarding "dangerous", and at the same time a mysterious magical power causing chaos in New York, three Newt and new friends on the path to save the magic animal adventure. It is worth mentioning that the squad the magic, first joined the chicken figure, round the fans eager to follow the hero with the magic world exploration desire. The brain hole serving only the trailer Rowling open the suitcase in the mysterious dimension film story from Newt with a suitcase came to New York, this is the key to the case affects the plot forward, but also to connect the magic animal world and the human world of the entrance, the box loaded with Newt traveled around the world to rescue the magic animal, but how to enter the trunk, trunk and scene in the trailer had been unveiled for the first time. Fat card in the box and Jacob, with a view to stay adorable chicken to show the audience entering this new dimension of shock magic. But for the audience, it’s not!相关的主题文章: