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Where is the turning point of traditional TV and Internet TV, hardware or content? Sohu – tech media training camp October 27th reported the | Zhao Shuping from the beginning of 2015, the TV industry affected by the macroeconomic impact, the TV market growth due to fatigue; the evolution of intelligence, emerging Internet brand and old appliance brands continue to compete for the limited market share. 2016, the color TV industry to lead the brutal growth period has passed, the market tends to saturation, slowing down, the industry into the era of meager profit. Currently, the color TV market has been divided into two distinct camps. One is to Changhong, TCL, SKYWORTH and other leading traditional TV manufacturers; one is the music, millet and other forms of Internet TV camp. The past two years suddenly flooded nearly 20 Internet TV brand, let the TV market is adequate". Internet TV camp music as a whole channel sales data, has exceeded the traditional TV manufacturers. According to Ovid yunwang (AVC) the latest statistics of September Chinese overall TV market channel monthly report shows that music as a super TV sales of 939 thousand units, the market share of 19%, ranking the industry first of all channels. This is also the music as following in April this year, won the industry’s first channel sales after the first year to win again. The two camps provoke "price war" to snatch the market now, the two camps there are various difficulties. Internet TV grab the market, update the consumption habits of users, although the continuous transformation of the old brand has not kept pace with the pace of change; the major TV manufacturers price war intensified, the user has been formed with low-cost habits; old enterprises rely on OLED, quantum dots, HDR, surface black technology to high-end market, even joining AR, VR and other fresh the concept, but still can not form the user viscosity for a long time; although Internet TV deep user’s identity, national policy has continued to pour cold water". In the first half of 2016, the color TV industry sales continued to increase, but overall sales did not pick up. According to Ovid yunwang October 26th released data show that in the three quarter of 2016, retail scale TV market is 11 million 950 thousand units, an increase of 8.9%; the scale of retail sales fell 5.9%, to 35 billion 300 million yuan. The TV industry sales have been rising, but due to high price of online and offline marketing platform for the user, the habit of looking at the price of consumption habits, make sales falling instead of rising. Their difficulties the two camps are also expanding the gap between sales and sales. Changes in the end of the market and the price war between home appliance manufacturers are affecting the sale of color tv. The emerging Internet brand into the market at low prices forced the TV industry transformation, the traditional home appliance manufacturers have to enter the war fighting for users seeking, integration and upgrades, to compete for the market. It is the two sides compete for the market to stimulate the user’s desire to buy, but also to the rapid decline in the price of color tv. Users are willing to pay the hardware or content? Low price has become astepping-stone to success of Internet TV TV industry breakthrough, "high price" is almost compulsory for every kind of Internet TV brand have?相关的主题文章: