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Who is the real victim of Yunnan recently exposed to domestic violence cases in the case of the butcher, the defendant Guo Mou because of the long suffering husband of domestic violence and sexual violence and butcher case in Chuxiong City Intermediate People’s court. It is understood that Liu had theft convictions in 2007, was forced to drug addiction in 2013. After marriage, Liu often beaten, threatened the defendant fruit and a fruit of some parents and even his son. Before the incident had a fruit because of unbearable beating, many times to reflect the local women’s Federation and the village committee, even to the police station, the police station also told Liu’s behavior of administrative punishment of domestic violence. A fruit before the incident to the local court for divorce, but the divorce court and not because Liu Mou to fruit a withdrawal end. Thus, the victim has been willing to pick up the legal weapons to protect themselves, but you can say it again "thinking, and lack of public power to intervene in the background, the victims of long-term charges without the door, but more to the perpetrators of the arrogance. Then, after suffering the long-term domestic violence, a large outbreak situation may arise suddenly the victim "sick cat into a live tiger", so that a hands-on "only" at each other’s throats. In the domestic violence caused by criminal cases, when domestic violence victims become perpetrators, usually involving intentional homicide, intentional injury and other charges. However, for the victims of the "uprising" behavior, does not constitute a legitimate defense needs to be careful to clarify. According to the "criminal law" provisions for the national and public interests, the person himself or others, property and other rights from being infringed, and to the suppression of unlawful infringement behavior, causes harm to the unlawful infringer, self-defense, not criminally responsible. That is to say, it is necessary to constitute a justifiable defense for a time, that is, the ongoing unlawful infringement. Can the family violence is long-term and repeated, to determine the "family violence" the unlawful infringement is ongoing, if not be regarded as a long process, it is difficult to objectively. At the same time, according to the traditional mode of thinking, but also the limit of defense and violence is, otherwise excessive defense. But in the case of domestic violence, this is not possible, because of domestic violence is a long and repeated process, family environment and women’s physical condition determines its defense of the defense momentary but not I, a defense may bring greater harm of domestic violence in the future. So, unless the victim "NRK", and the injury degree of self-defense rather unrealistic. In the case of domestic violence against women in practice, leading to the original perpetrators of serious injury or death, and most of them have no confirmation of self-defense, because "the infringement is interpreted as a" is often restricted to violence has not ended, and the means of implementation of defense is very difficult to stay in the moment to stop the infringement of this level, eventually led to the domestic violence the victim was sentenced to heavy penalties. In fact, for similar cases, family female offenders will generally get social sympathy and forgiveness, female victims generally are consistent with the concept of justice against the majority of people, especially for women in domestic violence long, universal ideas tend to think their innocence, not to mention the murderer. In this case, her husband’s family is fully understanding.相关的主题文章: