Why do Chinese people do not love queuing-ratatouille

Why do Chinese people do not like to queue up Sina News columnist Feng Tang I have a question, why do Chinese people do not love queuing? Ai Qing’s poem: "why often with tears in my eyes? Because I love the land deeply!" Because of work, or go to Europe and the United States, Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan everywhere, although may not know all the good in my deep love China, and compares Chinese and these so-called developed countries but still inevitably is my deep love. Twenty years ago, people around me and some questions: what time we can, and cars and planes, scene of debauchery edifice is the evil of the decadent capitalism look like? Soon, our GDP growth in the world, soon, our GDP surpassed Japan to become the world’s second, soon, we’re trying to figure out before retiring GDP first in the world, soon, our big city prices beyond New York and the bay area, soon, we want to in the United States, from the "money flowers" to "Miss, I want to make money in the United States China flower" in Chinese. Recently, pessimism began to spread, I heard some questions: first, what the global elite will send their children to study abroad China, not like today will send their children to the United States and Europe? Second, when young people around the world will most appreciate Chinese movies, culture, books, not like today, they like the most is the United States, Europe, movies, books, music? Third, when the global consumers in the choice of products, will be the first choice of Chinese brands?" Pessimistic people around us said that we can not wait for these three issues are said to be "YES" time. In fact, I am not so pessimistic. The first question will be answered quickly, "YES". Not to mention the Han, Tang, song, yuan, the world economy has China so big, growth rate is still relatively fast, so many areas of sea is so blue, the world’s most intelligent parents will let the children learn as soon as possible Chinese, must find a chance to go to Taipei, Hongkong, Shanghai, Beijing, just to see. The third problem of "YES" is slowly realized, in 2016 to the United States Bay area and LA, WeChat found that foreigners are very common, go to Hongkong in 2016, the airport found in the UAV to sell large Xinjiang, 2016 in Shanghai, found that HUAWEI’s first mobile phone with a Leica lens. Second questions to answer "YES" may be the longest time. In fact, the emergence of creative genius from the genetic point of view is also a probability problem, China’s one billion and three hundred million population, creative genius will be in accordance with the probability of the emergence of these one billion and three hundred million groups. Therefore, the problem is not a problem, but the institutional mechanisms to let the problem. My pessimism, but in some very small details, is the highlight of the queue. I am pessimistic that, in my lifetime, it is very unlikely that the Chinese will be able to keep the rules and stand in line. Because every two or three days to take a plane, for the Chinese people do not like the experience of queuing most from the airport. Check in. First class business class platinum)相关的主题文章: