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Why don’t I let my son be warm? The boy’s parents should ponder! The old man in the North – Sohu mother’s eyes, a man should have a man, have clank dramas like Zhang Hanyu and Chen Daoming, it is really a man. Seeing the big treasure is my grandmother and pet into "newhalf", home to two men could not stand, jumped out to help me with the baby. As a result, after a period of "transformation", I found that the baby really changed. He is from a cute Meng Meng Da "Professor" out and out into a "wild child", while I was struggling, while lamenting his growth: the original, this is a little man! 1, little man learned to dare to do everything, do their own thing when I was young, he’s afraid of hot water in summer, winter drink is afraid of cold, grandma helped him properly. My father was taught him to use the liner is a small stainless steel thermos bottle, first with hand touch the glass wall before you drink, if you feel hot, just wait for a while, as expected, after this, he learned to drink. Now he has been accustomed to do not touch the bottom line is to do their own safety! Dare to do everything, is to become an important symbol of a little man, because it means he is courageous in future, whether there is a play. In 2, he learned to share moved with two treasure, he grew up on the road is a hurdle. Because, with two treasure, he was suddenly "grow up", but he adapted very well. Dad said his brother is his partner, comrade in arms, brother, he said yes, or a good friend! So sharing has become a habit. He not only to share my brother, also to share with friends in the kindergarten, the home of nougat do take to go to school, just do the cake to Grandpa and grandma grandpa grandmother, said Roasted Mutton we first do not eat it, such as a brother grow up to eat! Now he is no longer the thing that is in the arms of the little guy. 3, he understood the love of labor, to help other people’s brother and sister diapers he will wash. He has learned to do his own work. In kindergarten, he also helped the Department of shoelaces will not be tied to the shoelaces, he will not wear clothes to help others, and also help to clean the house. Also learned dumpling skin and Flapjack skin, these live but I can’t do this when the mother! Sometimes he would ask me, mom, his own thing to do, why do not you? 4, he knows not afraid of dirty dirty sweat is not afraid of bleeding now, he plays dirty clothes every day. However, I also understand: clothes dirty can be washed, the child’s childhood happy, missed will not come back. If he does not limit in dirty clothes is good things, so every day, he will never know what it is to play with mud, but do not know the man should not cry. Okay, now he finally wanton, no longer as it was so weak and feeble, always eager to mother’s shelter. In 5, he learned to take care of family, friends and grandpa is ill in hospital, he also told her father every day.)相关的主题文章: