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Self-Improvement Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation where you can say "While I am still in love, my ex does not feel the same way", and that is surely a horrible situation to find yourself in. How do you go about rekindling love when your ex no longer seems to be interested in making things work? When you approach a situation where you are saying to yourself, "I am still in love, my ex wants nothing to do with me", it may be time for you to sit down and take something of a stock of your relationship, not only in its current state but the last state experienced before the breakup actually occurred. Is there anything that you have the ability to change or undo in order to restore better feelings between you and your ex? Now is the ideal time to figure this out for your own self. "What do I do if while I am still in love, my ex does not want anything to do with me?" The first thing that you need to do is to figure out why your ex is staying away from you. If tensions are still too high after the breakup, then the clear solution is to back off and give him or her some time to chill. If your ex is avoiding you for a specific reason then it may be more advantageous to figure out why. If you cannot ask your ex specifically, you may want to ask any mutual friends that you have to see if you can get some insights about the current tension and what it is that will restore your ex’s faith in you again. Here is some practical advice: When I realized that I was still in love, my ex still did not seem all too keen on rekindling things with me. I calculated I had two different routes that I could take: I could give up on the fact that I was still in love, my ex .ing out as the winner in the situation, or I could find some way to really rekindle things, aware that it would take work but would have much better possible results. So here’s what I did: * First, without letting on that I was still in love, my ex and I sat down and had a conversation about what "broke down" in the relationship to create the break up in the first place. * Then I separated myself from my ex for a while so tempers could be calmed and so I could devise a plan for rekindling things. * When I felt braver, I re-approached my ex and we started talking about rekindling things again. I was surer of myself and was more obvious about the fact that I was still in love, my ex responded well to my confidence and we ended up rekindling things. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: