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SEO Google is undoubtedly known to be the authoritative among the search engines. Most of the people are not even aware of the existence of other search engines like Bing, MSN and so on. This reflects the kind of power Google has in the realm of the Internet. If you are a website owner then it be.es mandatory for the website to work in accordance with the search engine like Google for Google optimization. This would help the website to boost their rankings. Google optimization is one of those mediums which are sure to give you your desired result. If you are planning to opt for it then it is wise to know certain details of it before you decide upon it. Google emphasizes on good quality: The content of the website plays an important role in getting good rankings on the search engine. As a matter of fact Google likes websites having rich content. Such websites are given more preference over those who do not have good quality of content. Good content will help you get repeat customers. Also when people find the content interesting there are chances of turning them into customer and getting sales from them. This is the reason why Google places very high standards of writing. How Google spiders crawl through the various websites? With the help of Google bot the search engine crawls through the internet. It places various keywords and key phrases in the googlebot. The order on the googlebot is determined by the quality of in bound and out bound links of the website. When a person types the keywords the search engine displays those websites with the keywords or a part of it. Thus you need to do a good research on the keyword or key phrase in order to use it aptly in your website. The frequency in the usage of the keyword in the web page is also important. It is advised to follow the standards which are laid down by Google in order to gain high page rankings. How Google optimization can be beneficial for you? With the help of Google optimization you will be able to .pete with your .petitors, the giants or a start up firm. You will be able to get more people to your website. With high number of visitors more prospective customers can be .e across. Higher the number of customers more will be the sale. Thus with the help of optimization of Google you can do wonders to your website and can make online marketing a success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: