With better tube more better service continued to promote the transformation of government functions-demonophobia

With better tube more better service continued to promote the transformation of government functions and release potential – Politics – people.com.cn Xinhua news agency, Shanghai in November 22,     in November 21st, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Premier Li Keqiang in Shanghai hosted a deepening decentralization discharge pipe combined with the optimization of service reform forum, research the deployment of related work. From East, central, West, northeast 11 provinces or prefecture level city government responsible person to participate. At the meeting, the CPC Central Committee, Party Secretary of Shanghai Han Zhenghe, Shanghai mayor Yang Xiong, the acting governor of Zhejiang Province, Hubei Che Jun Sichuan governor Yin Li, Wuhan mayor Wan Yong, Guangdong Jiangmen mayor Deng Weigen talked in decentralization, put the tube combination and optimization services exploration and achievements. Hebei governor Zhang Qingwei, chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region cloth Kobayashi, Heilongjiang governor Lu Hao, Fujian mayor Zhuang Jiahan, Ningxia Xiamen Yinchuan City, Jiangsu Changbai is still Suqian mayor Wang Tianqi also describes the exchange of relevant information. We believe that the "tube service" and promote the reform of government functions remodeling, release a huge bonus, transparent, convenient, overall business environment fair is generally formed, become more and more important role in supporting new energy for growth, expanding employment, upgrading. Li Keqiang said, "put the tube in service reform is comprehensive reform especially the important content of the supply side structural reform, is an important starting point for the transformation of government functions is an important measure to promote the management, it is the key to promote the reform of the economic system, deal with the government and the market relations. According to the current still exist in the reform is not in place, not supporting, not the issue of convergence, we must further change the concept of government self revolution, persevere, to the spirit of the "service pipe zhuangshiduanwan" to push reform of the government itself, for a moment’s pain for long-term benefit. Li Keqiang pointed out that to focus on key areas, key links continue to increase decentralization efforts. Improve the negative list, the power list, a list of responsibility system, systematic economic construction and pension, education, health care and other social people’s livelihood approval, put forward the overall reform suggestions, ensure the association and similar categories approval "chain" to cancel or decentralization, maximize the streamlining, coordination, expand market access, convenient society enter the capital. Explore the construction of the project in the field of the implementation of the "multi evaluation of one" and "joint acceptance" and other new models to promote the process of solving complex, multi link, the Department does not converge, and other issues. A comprehensive clean-up of various industries access certificate, production license and occupation qualification certificate, continue to deepen the reform of commercial system, accelerate the "one card" license of separation "," access to the camp to solve business problems. Li Keqiang said, with the tube complement each other, more effective management can be put more, well managed to live. To create a fair competitive environment to strengthen the matter in the post regulation, to promote the double random open regulatory approach next year full coverage, the implementation of the relevant departments of joint supervision, to avoid duplication of checks, increase the burden on enterprises. Accelerate the establishment and improvement of dishonesty disciplinary system, enhance the random checks deterrent. Using advanced information technology to improve supervision efficiency. The new industrial mode for the rapid development of new formats to encourage the spirit of the principles of innovation, exploration)相关的主题文章: