Wizard treasure can dream go Japanese users report over half of the players 40 years old norton disk doctor

"Demon treasure can dream Go" Japanese users report over half 40 years old elf treasure dream game player GO area "elf treasure dream Go" Japanese users report on-line since July of this year, "elf treasure can dream Go" has been occupying an important position in the major media forum, it has also become the history of the most quickly reached $600 million in Mobile Games works. Just today, D2C smile also released a report on the user’s data on the "magic treasure dream Go" in japan. Overall, the wizard treasure can dream Go is currently the core of the user is actually more than 40 years of these players, accounting for more than half of the total number of users. 6~9 month "elf treasure can dream Go" and Disney Tsum (the number of users compared to "demon treasure dream Go", Disney Tsum) in fact, in the "demon treasure can dream Go" before the line, "Line Disney Tsum" in terms of number of users has been far higher than all the other games, this situation has been until July of this year. Wizard treasure can dream Go since July 22nd this year on the line, the first week on the line, more than 20 million registered users, the new user is probably the month Line Disney Tsum, the times. From July to 3 months in the time of the month, the magic treasure can dream Go firmly hold the number of new users in the first throne of the. But we can also see that the number of new users is actually slowing down. The peak period is still 20 million in July, and by September there were only about 14 million people, about a peak of about 7. "Elf treasure to be changes in the number of users per week" dream Go will come down to us the game game player, launched in July 22nd when the week, the number of users more than 20 million people, and after a week, the number of users is only a week before the 87%, after a week decline of about 10%. As of September 19th ~25, the number of users is only about 10 million people, compared with the peak period fell by nearly half. In this, only played once, or soon tired of the players accounted for the majority. We can also find from the data, in fact, the wizard treasure can dream Go user churn has begun to slow down, ~25 September 19th this year, the user churn rate is only about 3%. The report said, in fact, the loss of some of the surrounding users, and all of the core users have settled down. "Demon treasure can dream Go" users of all ages distribution (from left to right respectively: the number of users, accounting for the number of starts, the game time) so from now on, what is the user to play "elf treasure can dream Go"? The report also according to different gender and age in classification. In this we will find that the most active users are actually 18~29 years old female users, followed by male users of the same age. In addition, we also see a large number of mobile phone users over the age of 50 are also playing the game, and the number of users accounted for about 20% of the total number of users. From the average number of games and game time, more than 50 years old male users far.相关的主题文章: