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Software WorkTime Internet Monitoring provides you with the perfect solution to monitor how your employees are using the Internet when at work. However, many solutions for employee monitoring deploy draconian methods that invade the privacy of your employees. Finding the right compromise between effective employee monitoring and having little or no monitoring at all is essential and it is a common business mistake for employers to become too obsessive about employee monitoring. In this case you can end up losing staff you do not appreciate having their privacy violated in such a way. Using this solution, however, your employees’ privacy is protected and it works over any type of network whether local or distributed. The software works unobtrusively and is designed to run invisibly and take up minimal system resources. WorkTime Internet Monitoring provides you with all the information that you need about how your employers are using their time on the Internet while at work. This includes which websites they are visiting, whether they are chatting over the Internet, reading and writing emails or playing Internet-based games. However, while the software records exactly how the Internet is being used, it does not record any personal information such as the content of emails and chats both sent and received. This means that while you can monitor your employees effectively, their privacy can still be protected. The software also tells you how much time is being spent on each activity on the Internet. It will also tell you which Internet resources are visited most and will also tell you which employees are spending too much time either browsing the Internet, playing online games, emailing or chatting. All of this information can then be used to analyze which employees are slacking behind in their level of productivity. From this information, you will be able to focus on which employees need more stimulation to increase their level of productivity. Using WorkTime Internet Monitoring, you will also be able to free up your own time and focus on other essential areas of your business. The software will do all the monitoring work for you, providing you with the comprehensive reports that you need. These reports can be automatically constructed according to a schedule that you specify. This customized reports feature is highly versatile and convenient, allowing you to focus on the areas of Internet usage most important to you. For example, you can find out which employees are spending more than two hours browsing the web, or find out what the most visited websites are and more. The software can also work simultaneously on any number of computers. In times of financial crisis, increasing productivity and getting the most out of your staff is even more important than ever before. In a huge number of businesses where Internet is an essential tool, it can also be misused, greatly damaging your company’s productivity. You can find out more about this Internet monitoring solution at ..nestersoft../worktime/corporate/inter._monitoring.shtml. There is also an evaluation version available and detailed instructions on how to get started. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: