World Health Day scalp itch alert 4 causes

World Health Day: scalp itch alert of the 4 incentives to raise public awareness of the health of the scalp, the foreign research institutions to November 1st of each year as "World Health Day scalp, scalp health knowledge propaganda and popularization. An important standard of scalp health, there is no dandruff. It is reported that the WHO will "shiny hair, no dandruff" one standard for human health. If the scalp often itching, scratching a lot of dandruff, hair, shoulder scattered patches of white dust, this is your scalp to early warning, it may be sick. Dandruff, head itch lingering question, what is going on? Due to repeated itch: "fungi mostly blame" natural scaling for everyone, is a product of normal physiological metabolism of the scalp, with fine particles less than 0.02 mm generally fall off, the eye almost can not see, it will not affect people’s daily life, called rational dandruff. While the bulk of dandruff may be repeated, pathological dandruff caused by a fungus. Fungi (Malassezia) blooms on the scalp caused by scalp cuticular hyperplasia, resulting in the stratum corneum cells with white or gray scales formabnormal shedding. The occurrence of dandruff was frequently accompanied by itching, inflammation and other symptoms, make scalp vulnerable and sensitive. If you can’t take effective way to treat dandruff head itch will be repeated, constantly entangled". The 1 factors affecting the head itch mental stress, often stay up late to work overtime, work, learning pressure, mental tension are the predisposing factors of endocrine disorders, the excessive secretion of sebum will produce dandruff head itch problem. 2 bad habits like eating spicy, stimulating and greasy food, plus smoking, drinking and other bad habits will decrease the indirect immunity to fungal scalp, take advantage of an easy job to do "occupation" of scalp. The use of harmful substances containing 3 bad hair products used in hairdressing inferior goods will stimulate the scalp, bring some adverse reactions, head itch is one of them. 4 seasonal temperature changes, also followed up sensitive scalp, dandruff is easy to appear in the turn of the season. In the spring and summer seasons, for example: the temperature increases, the increase in human sweat, scalp oil secretion will increase abnormally.相关的主题文章: