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Xi Jinping: to build a powerful modern strategic support troops – Beijing Xi Jinping visited strategic support units that shoulder the historical responsibility aiming at world-class innovation beyond the efforts to build a powerful modern strategic forces in August 29 Beijing Xinhua Xinhua (reporter Li Xuanliang, Li Guoli) General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and the Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping visited on the morning of 29 strategic support units, on behalf of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission, held on the strategic forces in the first party congress expressed warm congratulations to the strategy, support all commanders and fighters of sincere greetings. He stressed that the party strong army targets under the new situation for the lead, the military strategy of the implementation of the new situation, adhere to the political, military law, military army reform, grasp the characteristics and rules of military construction, shoulder the historical responsibility, aiming at world-class, innovation beyond, efforts to build a powerful modern strategic support troops. Strategic support troops are going to end in accordance with the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission on deepening the reform of national defense and the army’s decision to deploy up, Xi Jinping personally to the strategic support troops and awarded the ensign to speak. Strategic support forces, Xi Jinping attaches great importance to high hopes. Morning at 9:30 pm, Xi Jinping came to the strategic support units, met strategic support troops leading cadres above the first National Congress on behalf of all departments and divisions, with everyone happy photo. After the photo, Xi Jinping visited the strategic support troops a combat command center for combat duty situation. See the commander and staff on duty trained with regularity and hearty, Xi Jinping very pleased, encouraged everyone to train excellent command quality, improve operational efficiency. Subsequently, Xi Jinping listened to the work report of the strategic support forces, and delivered an important speech. He pointed out that the strategic support force is a new type of combat forces to safeguard national security, is an important support for our joint combat system. The strategic support troops to Time will not wait for me. spirit, courage to assume the historical responsibility. Xi Jinping stressed the need to accelerate innovation and development of strategic support forces. Construction of strategic support forces, the most needed is innovation, the fundamental way out in innovation. Based on grasping the rules, innovative ideas, innovation mode, innovation and development, to pay more attention to focus on practical, pay more attention to the innovation driven, pay more attention to the system construction, pay more attention to the intensive and efficient, pay more attention to the strategic direction of civil military integration, high standard and high starting point to promote the construction, work out a new combat China characteristics power construction. To grasp the preparing for war is not to relax, to combat demand for traction, strategic support force development strategy and the construction plan, speeding up the construction of a new training system, improve deterrence and combat capability. To grasp the deepening of reform does not relax, with the establishment of new combat forces and joint operations to meet the requirements of the concept, establish a scientific and efficient running mechanism, optimize the structure and size of the force into the work, improve the scientific and standardization level. To grasp the innovation drive not to relax, to accelerate the innovation in military theory, seize this pivotal technological innovation and development of advanced technology and equipment, do a good job.相关的主题文章: