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Xiamen 3 year old girl lost over ten hours of parents found busy alarm Xiamen Network – Xiamen daily news (reporter correspondent Cheng Wupeng Wu Ruizhen) 3 years old little girl lost parents, over 10 hours before I know, there are enthusiastic people to take care of the police alarm, the little girl all day. Yesterday at 8 pm, the girl’s parents to alarm, Lianqian police put the girl back. Vonnie (a pseudonym) 3 years old this year, her parents came to Xiamen from Sichuan, in Tanggu Cai stone agency. Yesterday morning, Xiao Yan’s parents will go to the site to work, the small Yan entrusted to take care of her cousin. More than 9 in the morning, Xiao Yan went to the nearby bus station to the ancient stone play, cousin foot hurt, did not keep up with his. Xiao Xin climbed 102 bus, the driver and passengers to see her alone, called the police. Lotus police station rushed to the front, then took a small xin. Xiao Xin is not too much to talk about, the police asked her age, name, parents contact, she is unclear. The police bought milk and snacks to take care of, small Hin cry no trouble at the police station, very clever. Police through the police system to find out if there is a child lost alarm, but until the afternoon, did not receive a small Xin’s parents alarm. The police had made a circle of friends of WeChat search, enthusiastic users continue to relay. Vonnie lost, cousin also very anxious, but she did not contact the mobile phone, Vonnie’s parents. More than 8 points until the evening, Vonnie’s parents came back from work, to know the lost daughter, immediately reported to the police, the small Yan lost more than 10 hours. Lianqian police station received the alarm, contact the Vonnie’s parents, let them to the police station to verify the identity of the small Yan back.相关的主题文章: