Xinhua News Agency commentary on the current economy the transformation and upgrading efforts to imp

Xinhua News Agency commentary on the current economy: the transformation and upgrading of the new normal efforts to highlight the complex situation at home and abroad have been under pressure for a long time in China’s economy, the three quarter continued to drop some of the key indicators of a good turn against. Seemingly accidental in the inevitable. China’s economy has shown a positive trend for the better even though it still needs to be consolidated, but has fully demonstrated the central side to promote the structural reform of the supply side, the positive effects of innovative macro-control mode. In 2016 Chinese economy has entered the "last season", although still faces daunting challenges, but the full completion of the "13th Five-Year" the first year of main economic development targets tendencies. This will further stimulate the country to promote the transformation and upgrading, the confidence to move towards a comprehensive well-off. Economic operation highlights flash, positive factors increased by 0.1%, looks very small number. This is the September national industrial producer prices (PPI) rose year on year. 54 months of continued negative growth in PPI was interrupted, long-term pressure on the national industrial enterprises who have finally loose, so that operators see the dawn of increased profits. "This means that the supply and demand in the industrial sector has substantial changes." National Bureau of Statistics spokesman Sheng Yun said. Economic operation is complex, a data change may be isolated. But if a series of interrelated data at the same time with the same direction change, then means that a new trend has emerged. Chinese economic operation in the three quarter of 8, especially in September, appeared a series of new changes related to each other, can be described as the highlight of flash: corporate profits rebounded. The first 8 months, the national industrial enterprises above Designated Size to achieve an increase of profits of 8.4%, reversing the negative growth last year, especially in August profit growth of nearly 20%, a record high in recent years, a single month. – industrial production has picked up. Three quarter industrial growth of 6.1%, faster than the first half of the rate of 0.1 percentage points. After entering the three quarter, industrial electricity consumption, electricity generation, freight and other indicators have improved significantly. – investment growth picked up. The first three quarters of the total fixed asset investment grew by 8.2%, faster than the previous 8 months to speed up by 0.1 percentage points. 8, September investment growth accelerated for two consecutive months. – corporate loans from falling to rising. September operating loans decreased by 41 billion 700 million yuan last month, an increase of $206 billion 300 million, fixed asset loans fell from last month’s $100 billion 100 million to an increase of $226 billion 300 million, rising demand for corporate finance. – leading index and confidence index rebounded. 8-9 month Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) for two consecutive months remained at a record high of nearly two years, entrepreneurs confidence index, bankers macroeconomic confidence index continued to rise in. "Compared with the first half of the year, (the three quarter) steadily increasing in strength, good sign in the number, the situation is stabilized for the better establishment." Huang Libin, deputy director of the Ministry of operation monitoring and Coordination Bureau, said the good aspects of the main performance in corporate earnings, market confidence and enhance the basic business oriented. The bright spot of economic operation, not only enterprises see the opportunity, residents also felt the benefits. The first three quarters, the national urban employment of 10 million 670 thousand people, a quarter of a year ahead of schedule to complete the year.相关的主题文章: