Xinjiang guy we will protect our national flag as well as their eyes-diying

Xinjiang guy: will cherish their own eyes as new network guard flag – in order not to delay the 5:29 flag raising ceremony, the 22 year old Uighur boy AI Ahmat Mohammad didn’t dare to sleep a night?. In August 19th, he and the village youth flag team came to Beijing for third days, he had changed his chest printed with "China" two characters of the uniforms, eagerly waiting for the departure of the moment. AI Ahmat? Mohammad hometown in the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Kashi area Yuepuhu County Town Creek Village Taiwan hot iron base, relatively closed to traffic. Beijing’s Tiananmen square to see a flag, the AI Ahmat Mohammad? Was a distant dream, but since the beginning of this year, the village joined the newly formed youth flag team, not all the same. From the first time feel the original flag so sacred at the beginning of this year, as the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Department of transportation village working group, Aliya? To force gas and colleagues came to Yuepuhu County Town Creek Village Taiwan hot iron base in Kashi, a year long live village service. Every Monday at 10 in the morning flag raising ceremony is the village practice, let her surprise, in 13 villages in the town of hot iron, the proportion of young people in the village of Taiwan Library clicque highest, but the villagers came to see the flag raising young people rarely. What are the young people in the village busy with? They found that Taiwan clicque village young people under the age of 35 accounted for 40%, out of employment initiative is not high, in the farmland labor enthusiasm is not strong, the number has the expertise and skills are not many, we usually idle life. For these characteristics of the village youth, the working group germination of the idea of the establishment of a youth flag team. Aliya? To force the gas that was composed of young farmers of the national flag guard, the solemn flag raising ceremony, with self experience of the way to strengthen the young farmers national consciousness and patriotism can not only stimulate their hearts, but also let the youth flag bearers from various aspects for other rural youth to lead the demonstration the role of the village, rich in 80, 90 young people’s spiritual life. The establishment of youth flag team news spread, the young men are basically signed up. After layers of selection, including AI Ahmat? Mohammad, 13 with an average age of 23 young people in the village became the first batch of youth flag bearers. It is for the village Uighur youth training flag raising ceremony, the local Shanghai Yuanjiang a police captain Li Feng special support, specially designated soldiers to the village to help their training time. The flag location is small, many people crowded, working group on the use of limited funds, actively seek the support of all parties, the small square in the village built a regular air station and flag flagpole, and unified for youth protection standard bearer made special clothing. With the support of all parties, the youth flag team has put in a tight and orderly training. Because police officers can spare two or three weekly morning time to help them train, we thought of a way to teach Chinese team better players, let them drive the rest of the team, the training is not delayed when police officers in the. At first, the uighurs.相关的主题文章: