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Xu Xiaonian: Hi tech innovation is just superstition the sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) mechanism innovation perspective author Xu Xiaonian column central enterprises, the technology itself is not the purpose, but a means of improving efficiency, efficiency is ultimately reflected in the financial indicators, financial indicators and the ultimate profit is. If industry 4 can’t increase profits, what should it do? Innovation may not need high-tech, traditional industries can still be innovative, can still improve efficiency. Xu Xiaonian: high technology is innovation is just a superstition many companies are also concerned about the problem is one of innovation. Innovation is not only the Chinese economy, but also the most important part of the current economic downturn. But for the understanding of innovation is different, some people say that innovation is not to die, some people say that innovation is dead; innovation to high-tech, we do not know how high-tech innovation? For innovation, there are a variety of understanding and understanding. I have seen Peter Deruk wrote the "innovation and entrepreneurship", his book systematically describes what is the importance of innovation, innovation and how to innovate, the biggest highlight of the book is to break a myth — the only high-tech innovation to God, Drucker cited a number of cases, it shows that the high-tech innovation ability the view is not consistent with the actual. More than half of all small and medium-sized growth companies in the United States are engaged in traditional manufacturing, not high-tech companies. In 1980s, only 14 of the most highly developed companies belong to high technology, the other is the service industry and the traditional manufacturing industry. So Drucker said: innovation must be high-tech concept is actually wrong, it can not explain the phenomenon of the market. The common pattern of high-tech enterprises is to shine on the stage, rapid expansion, suddenly fell, until it disappeared without a trace, in terms of the probability of innovation success and durability, not as traditional industries. Traditional industries are not a few cases of innovation, so we want to get rid of a superstition that only high-tech innovation! Low technology can also be innovative, traditional industries can also be innovative, and I think the opportunity to innovate in traditional industries than the high-tech industry. China is now the three largest Internet platform has been formed, cloud computing, artificial intelligence is not a general business can do, what do you do? There are too many things that can be done in traditional industries. Want innovation, look at the market, look at their own industry, starting from their own reality. Insist on differentiation, adhere to their own characteristics, do not always think about how to become a "pig" on the tuyere, "pig" too much, too crowded, leaving you a small space. We are doing the same thing, it is not innovation, innovation is the "lone wolf in the wilderness". Not all China manufacturing enterprises need 4 industry in the past two or three years, I visited some enterprises, feel the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry does not necessarily high-tech technology, even low technology can solve the problem, and to improve the space is very large, some enterprises do not say industry 4, even 2 yet to do. Industrial Technology version of the definition is similar, I prefer)相关的主题文章: