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Xun Zhou and Chen Kun with a mysterious man hands back to the apartment in Xun Zhou (pictured) not to stick at trifles mysterious man, Chen Kun looked to detective Zhao five children reported that the well-known Xun Zhou and Chen Kun is the entertainment of a good "bestie", even buy a house to buy in a unit. Recently dinner, I saw Xun Zhou’s car back home, but the first down the man was actually Chen Kun, two people also brought a friend, a very lively pedestrian. Xun Zhou and Chen Kun for a long time no see, quickly seized the opportunity to hold together talk, this friendship is enough iron, the two are casual dress, looks up. Xun Zhou Xun Zhou did not get off to Chen Kun, a mysterious man clung together. Of course, this is a look at the buddy type arms, a pedestrian on the ground floor, laughing and talking like this. Xun Zhou related news "as the first Sun Yi appearance a pair of eyes ethereal and touching (Figure) such as" Xun Zhou Yi biography "other" according to Taiwan media news "reported on September 26th, the mainland court drama such as" Yi biography "from the shooting schedule, casting team make fans look forward to. The filming when there have been scenes photos outflows, actor Wallace Huo shaved head, beard, beautiful princess loaded appearance is amazing, and the actress Xun Zhou finally in 26 for the first time publicly in the photo, immediately set off users attention. Xun Zhou plays the heroine of "Yi", as Qianlong second empress, caught in the harem rivalry in the storm, TV ads, only debut in the main visual posters, the footage was never captured by shooting figure as outflow. But as she cast to Hebei prairie shooting, recently took off the beauty of the prairie, and face the camera close-up, a pair of eyes big and round, hair combed back with bright forehead, finally also playful little tongue, a "knock off" said the end of location shooting. Users stunning Xun Zhou’s style, especially the idol took the "April days", "orange red" and other classic drama, but also look forward to the next classic. Fans boast eyes too beautiful and smart, and it was speculated that this dress should be when the Queen’s shape. With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: