XXXI — Nga element and fresh, not confrontation and Sohu ca1871

XXXI — Nga element and fresh, not confrontation – Sohu and graphic aramifish believe that picking up one in fresh and elegant environment has impressed many people. Now, in the same dining environment, we can not only enjoy the valuable ingredients of vegetable dish, also can eat meat. The new brand by picking up one in essence a vegetarian diet and picking up one jingzuo Xian and integrated into the XXXI Nga Court, respected ancient food Road, with fresh calm and stand, each character. Pick one: pick up the origin of Nga is complete, is the pursuit of the perfect food sources; one is the initial treatment, when cooking is simplified; the table like two poles, good food, is the real human diet. Picking up one of the Ming, but also on the understanding of all things, from the perfect heart to recover the original simplicity. It is worth mentioning that the meat and vegetable dish is completely separated from the operation process, can be assured of vegetarian meal. [olive green pepper shrimp] well, you can imagine that this is actually a cold dish? But the combination of shrimp and green olive even without a sense of violation and, particularly tasty, delicious. [Thailand] this is refreshing pepper pork I think tonight the yen value play a dish, plate very artistic sense. Cold taste chewy pork meat is tight, although there is not very hot pepper. [drunk heizong geese] the most well received among the drunk geese. Rich wine, meat is not tender even firewood, garnish with white radish are quite tasty, it is recommended. [white ice skin] chicken tender skin silky flesh. Although the sauce, but slightly deficiency is not tasty chicken. [Chaozhou] Porkneck fried pickles is a special practice. Chaozhou pickles belongs to the Cantonese dishes, golden color, fragrance, taste is not so heavy as pickles. Collocation Porkneck and Dried tofu, but also quite small fresh. [oyster homemade tofu] or how to say picking up one cents and left rice is of the same origin, from the oyster sauce homemade tofu can be seen in general, and left the stone pot rice tofu or have different approaches but equally satisfactory results purpose, this dish must while also bubbling tofu tastes best. [xieliu] Xi Xian crystal dumplings is the flagship of Fujian and Guangdong cuisine, natural and ultimately is the classic of Cantonese cuisine – dumplings. The dumplings in the shape and the general tea is different, bigger, taste good, personally think that the dumpling skin can also be thinner Q. Crab dry fishing fans circle of friends actually someone took this dish as ants on the tree, although the shape is somewhat similar, but this crab crab fishing fans get my heart. Fans and shredded cabbage are crisply fried spicy taste, just perfect makes this dish more flavor. [no] [M sour mandarin fish and steamed fish black truffle Yuba] each one has its own merits. Fish are quite tender, but some more personal love Fish in Sour Soup. [method] the ancient Minnan cattle soup soup gouwei, rich in material, beef tendon, beef balls, a pot full of good meet. Pick up a fairy drinks and desserts before the continuation of the style, but also very good. [juice] delicious chestnut. [yuan相关的主题文章: