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Yang Hui song song song divorce case hearing today is not open trial – Sohu entertainment Song Zhe divorce case hearing, said the woman still believe in love. Click to enter [HD Photo]     Yang Hui and Song Zhe wedding     Legal Evening News (Downing) this morning, Legal Evening News "reporter learned that Yang Hui and Song Zhe divorce case hearing today, take public hearing. Yang Hui lawyer Tan Yaoguang told reporters late law, the case today is not a public hearing, the court before the hearing had asked whether public hearing the views of Yang Hui here and did not apply for a public hearing is not open, "whether the court will seek the views of the parties, may be put forward by Song Zhefang is not open." Yang Hui appeared on the afternoon of 29, in the face of media interviews, Yang Hui said that although she is a failure in marriage, but still believe in love. Song Zhe, Baoqiang Wang, photo   then reporters from the Chaoyang Court confirmed that the case is not a public hearing. Song Zhe himself may not personally appear in court, before the court, it has submitted a written report to the court. It is understood that, due to the song and Baoqiang Wang divorce case has been implicated in the case of divorce, while Baoqiang Wang aspects are also closely watching the divorce case hearing. According to informed sources, after the online biography of Baoqiang Wang to do paternity testing, as well as the news on the transfer of shares, is not true. Whether the court will be submitted to the court for relevant evidence, including property division, Song Zhe open room records, etc., Tan Yaoguang said there will be, but the specific circumstances of the case has not yet been held, it is not convenient to disclose.相关的主题文章: