Yao well on the iphone7! Official exposure of the new vivo X7 bright black – Sohu digital aspack

"Yao" well on the iPhone7! The new vivo X7 official exposure light black money – Digital Sohu obviously after the release of the iPhone7, apple is the new bright black version of the long-awaited fruit powder will lead to a fiery panic buying, intelligent mobile phone innovation now seems to be more difficult, most manufacturers to let’s go on the mobile phone technology to shedding the old, trying to use another way to stimulate users desire to buy. Today, the domestic manufacturers of vivo on its own is hot vivo X7 mobile phone, has launched a new color plan. This morning, micro-blog vivo official news release — said the new color of the vivo X7 is about to launch a new color: "yao". "Yao" means "shining bright". According to the official vivo pictures, you can see the vivo X7 Obsidian package, light refracted through the different sections of stone shine bright luster, speculated that vivo X7 is likely to launch bright black version. In the configuration, the upcoming vivo X7 bright black version with a commercially available mobile phone should not what difference, using 5.2 inches 1080p Super AMOLED screen, equipped Xiaolong 652 processor, built-in 4GB memory and 64GB storage space body, with 16 million pixel front camera and 13 million pixels rear camera, battery capacity 3000mAh, dual card dual standby full Netcom and fast charging.相关的主题文章: