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The city of Yongkang at the age of 8 he search the missing boy in the green belt from 24 days a day around 7 p.m., missing a day a little boy hung in Jinhua, Yongkang Xijin bridge green belt, was one of his relatives found. So far, the city of Yongkang almost a day to search for people to find events, and ultimately have a perfect result. On the morning of 24, a tracing message scraper in Yongkang WeChat circle of friends: a primary school student, Xiao Hong, eight years old, in October 24, 2016 8 in the morning, a primary school in the school gate lost. Upper body light blue shirt uniforms, wearing a dark blue school pants, hanging yellow Picacho, parents are very anxious, if someone saw trouble please contact, and finally attached to the parents of the phone. See the news, Yongkang local pioneer rescue teams, Qianxi rescue teams and other support rescue team immediately made contact with their families, many of the players to carry out the search in the morning. The rescue team should hanghang pioneer and Dong Chenfa, went to Yongkang City Walking Street, Phoenix Park, West Jinqiao, Ziwei park area for more than. Qianxi rescue team of Huang Zian et al at noon to the police station to check monitoring, to determine the direction of the lost child. Monitoring shows that as early as eight to half past eleven, Xiao Hong stay in Xijin bridge green belt of a grass, untouched. 11:36, monitoring shows that the child out of the toilet near the monitor, it seems to move towards the liberation of the bridge! He should have known that his parents were looking for him! Afternoon, Yongkang Qianxi rescue also made a special search "beauty", a short period of time the amount of reading reached more than 90 thousand, many people see the news, also joined the ranks of spontaneous tracing, almost the whole of Yongkang launched in the search for power. "Out of control, he back bridge east of the green belt Xijin toilets, one afternoon did not go far, after his relatives found that he wanted to run away, it was pulled." Yongkang Qianxi rescue team Yu Manyi said, to find someone who is all the most satisfactory outcome.相关的主题文章: