Yongtai energy intends to auction more than 30% stake in Sichuan trust-crycry

Yongtai energy intends to auction more than 30% stake in Sichuan trust Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Wang Weibo – Yongtai energy September 19th evening announcement said, intends to participate in the auction Zhonghai trust Limited by Share Ltd in Beijing Equity Exchange listed for sale held by the Sichuan Trust Company Limited 30.2534% stake through its wholly-owned subsidiary Huaxing Power Company, the subject of the transaction price of 3 billion 750 million yuan listing. The company said it would deepen the transition through the combination of industry and finance, improve profitability. The listing price of 3 billion 750 million yuan according to the announcement, Sichuan Trust Company Limited registered capital of 3 billion 500 million yuan, as of the end of 2015 the consolidated statements the total assets of 20 billion 454 million 825 thousand and 800 yuan, net assets of 6 billion 182 million 637 thousand and 500 yuan, the 2015 annual operating income 4 billion 209 million 675 thousand yuan, net profit of 1 billion 593 million 358 thousand and 300 yuan, 300 billion yuan more than the size of the trust assets management. 2016 1-6 months, Sichuan trust consolidated statements caliber operating income of 1 billion 579 million 771 thousand and 700 yuan, net profit of $562 million 479 thousand and 400. Sichuan trust’s holdings, a comprehensive securities company Henderson securities limited liability company, which holds 60.376% equity securities henderson. As of the end of 2015, Henderson securities consolidated statements the total assets of 15 billion 946 million 308 thousand and 500 yuan, net assets of 2 billion 88 million 969 thousand and 700 yuan; 2015 annual operating income 1 billion 720 million 458 thousand and 300 yuan, net profit of 594 million 979 thousand and 400 yuan. In December 31, 2015 as the basis for the assessment of the day, the valuation of the Sichuan trust net assets of 11 billion 123 million 885 thousand and 400 yuan, the corresponding valuation of the transaction target value of $3 billion 365 million 353 thousand and 500. At present, Sichuan trust before the three largest shareholder of Sichuan HTC (Group) Co., 32.0388% stake; Zhonghai trust Limited by Share Ltd, holding 30.2534%; Sichuan HTC Limited by Share Ltd, holding 22.1605%. Promote business transformation in recent years, the coal market continues to slump, Yongtai energy actively to energy, logistics, investment, the transformation of the three industries, from a single coal industry to the transformation of integrated energy companies. In terms of logistics, Yongtai energy to set up in Shenzhen District of Qianhai City Hua Yan Logistics Co., Ltd. as a platform, relying on the Guangdong Huizhou Dayawan oil terminal and Jiangsu coal terminal of Zhangjiagang Yangtze River, the formation of 30 million tons of oil and coal throughput; under construction in Guangdong Huizhou Dayawan area Southern China area’s largest private public oil wharf, will build 1 300 thousand tons of crude oil terminal and 3 20 thousand ton oil terminal, after the completion of the project will form a 20 million tons annual handling capacity of 10 million tons of oil wharf, dynamic storage capacity. In terms of coal logistics, the company in Jiangsu, Zhangjiagang has 1 tons of coal terminal of the Yangtze River, and on the basis of the new 1 tons of coal terminal, 100 thousand, after the completion of the expansion of the shape of the相关的主题文章: