You have to believe, there is no tomorrow

You have to believe that there is no tomorrow can not pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: interesting. No matter whether you are a man walk on the strange street has yet to find a sense of belonging, or you have dinner together with friends laughing when flashed a lonely. No matter how you are now in the library can not look at how to recite the English words, or you are confused now can not see the future direction do not know where to go. Whether you are now trying to achieve the dream but did not close the distance with the dream, or you have been unable to find their own dream. Sometimes you dream too much, others say that your dream is impossible; sometimes you dream too small, and some people say that you sometimes to you with no ambition at all; others said to go round the world dream of the future, but for his so you are no longer a contemptuous disregard, put their dreams; some when you suddenly start to open a shop’s desire to find someone about, did not hear what you’re saying. But what can we do, the future is always their own, the dream is always their own, no one will come to help you achieve it. Perhaps many times we just need a friend’s encouragement, a comfort, but also can not get. But believe me, there are a lot of people in the world, just want to talk to you. Because we are all the same. The same is said to be stubborn, the same in the pursuit of their eyes do not care about things. Cure, so what is the relationship between others, you can not always understand your feelings, why do you want to explain. The world will stop you, difficulties will follow, in fact, the only real key to their own, there is no stubborn. The world without the injured people, can really heal yourself, only yourself. Sometimes very lazy, lazy to operate a feeling, too lazy to go into other people’s lives; or sometimes, yesterday to pass you by that person today, inadvertently into your life; sometimes, the person you care about, but quietly leave, but you memories. The girl you had a crush on the junior high school, you have the courage to tell the truth but even friends have not made; in high school you love a girl, but did not dare to go to confession, in fact, the girls also love you, waiting for your sentence, then you missed; in College, someone came to you life, you love with vigour and vitality, but later, you still separated. It’s all over, you are still a person, occasionally lonely occasionally will also want to have a personal hug, so you still waiting. It doesn’t matter. You’ll have to wait. You have to believe that the person is also looking for you after a lot of experience. You have to do is to take good care of yourself, let yourself in the best condition, meet the best of her. Once hurt, you feel that you will never forget, but it is not over. Once left, you think you can not let go of your life, but then you still find that the original相关的主题文章: