You need to understand the five major changes in the new book before you play civilization,

In the play "6 civilization" before you need to understand the five major changes: whether you are just trying to enter the "world civilization" or "love many novice, Gandhi nuke (no wrong)" cruel old game player, you need to know some basic rules of "change" in the 6 civilization. You need to understand the "6 civilization" five new changes from "4" if civilization to civilization "5" will probably make you feel some not to adapt, then from "5" to "6 civilization civilization" that means more changes. Whether you are just trying to enter the "world civilization" or "love many novice, Gandhi nuke (no wrong)" cruel old game player, you all need to understand some basic rules of "civilization" in 6. It is worth noting that, "civilization 6" science and technology related to the voice of the tree will be Sean · Sean (Bean) to complete, taking into account the · of the; some of the attributes of the object, we still listen to his wonderful. You need to know in advance planning of city civilization "6" five new changes for the novice game player city establishment may have no clue, thinking on development in the future will be what kind of city is very difficult in the stone age. You may be in order to avoid predators or get food put in a city built on the land, but the concept of the "6" land and regional civilization is very important, based on different terrain near the city will get a different additive effect, it is worthy of note. Several times the beginning of the game you will be full of trial and not what this wall. You need to get experience from the failure, the decision in quality, such as the construction of a large number of farms on the river side, and also need to consider the future development of centuries in building a new city, and avoid the waste of vacant land. Plan ahead for the future, perhaps you will receive some unexpected harvest. The smarter you need to know "civilization 6" five new changes to remember "Jurassic Park" Liling pirates can learn to open the door of the rendezvous scene? A few rounds in the beginning of civilization "6" in the hit barbarian is probably this feeling. The first time you saw the barbarian army may be just a reconnaissance team, he will be in the area of your city for investigation, and the attack in your city lack of defense. Not only that, when the barbarian reinforcements arrived, they will form a joint force, but also like the same game player using terrain combat. "6" in the city civilization can’t attack in the construction of the wall before, so your best troops not to wander too far, and suggest that you set up a defense force in the production of second units and immigration trebuchet. However, the good news is that the barbarians now also clever enough to automatically retreat, or to recover, so you can give them targeted strikes, and get a respite. Business Flourishes tongsihai you need to understand the "6 civilization" five new "road construction" 6 civilization changes have been changed, the establishment of trade routes will automatically form a road in the city, which is the main form of road construction in the game. You need to constantly change the trade routes to build.相关的主题文章: