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Your baby suddenly mouth dirty words, how should you do? – Sohu often bring their children and relatives and friends who have not met for a long time to chat, are very happy. However, when you take your baby to visit their relatives and friends will pay more attention to, if the baby in elders suddenly a sentence such as "you idiot", "bad mother", "kill you" words, you as a mother would not be embarrassed to drill out. So, what should be done at this time? Today, small spicy to give you a recruit ~ when the baby say dirty words, how should you do? Many mothers will use adult thinking, in the baby swearing when feel very embarrassed, so yelled, while the other side of the elders will also help you with the lessons of the baby. At this time, mothers to stay awake, the best response is no response. You can do from the following aspects: 1 don’t angry, to remind myself: "he’s just a baby" preschool children can’t evaluate words as adults or older babies, so my mother has the obligation to tell the baby rules, rather than a simple reprimand or punishment. It’s better to say that this is just a kind of language experience. For babies, swearing is just a new discovery territory they discover, rather than to attack it or get angry. It is best to start from the baby’s understanding, rather than from the perspective of adults to treat the meaning of dirty words. Try to use a swear word as an opportunity to get closer to your baby’s thoughts and find out what they really want to say. 2 you should be serious for baby’s first swearing or swearing, we must control their emotions, don’t scold, not for my baby even said this was "funny", because the baby will take it as a positive encouragement and repeat. In almost all cases, the baby is in the test: This is what I have heard, the man said when it seems very excited. I’d like to see what happens if I say it. Let adults laugh, angry or upset, is a powerful force that babies want to have. Even in front of many elders, the baby said dirty words, so that you are embarrassed or angry, do not show it, which is really bad for him. So when your baby is trying to say bad words for the first time, remember that no response is the best response. 3 do not let the bad language to achieve the desire not to meet, is the biggest setback the baby may encounter, they will do their best to vent their dissatisfaction. They may cry loudly, throw things, and say what they think is the most vicious language. At this time, they are very clear what they are talking about, because they are to express their emotions through bad language – this is the reason why the creation of bad language was invented. If your baby is swearing because he wants something, he must not get what he wants. Even if you say "that’s not good," you can’t give him the ice cream he wants. 4 to guide the baby to think about the baby in the public place swearing, cursing others, in this case, the mother should tell him in time to do so相关的主题文章: